5 Activities for a Chill Weekend Inside With Your Significant Other

Fun Weekend Activities

Life is busy. According to the stats an average American spends around 7.8 hours working every day. That adds up to a lot over the entire week. At the end, of which everyone desires some relaxing and fun weekend activities.

You’ve done it. You’ve successfully made it through a full week of work—whether that be at a customer service center company or even something like an accounting firm—and survived to the weekend. Congratulations! Now you can look forward to a chill weekend at home with your significant other without the responsibilities of everyday life (at least for a few days). But how are you going to spend that time?

Fun Activities You Can Do This Weekend

Here are a few options for a relaxing weekend spent inside with your partner.

1. Binge-Watching

Fun Weekend Activities

Most couples have at least one show that they watch together at night or while eating dinner, but what about spending an entire afternoon just binge-watching an entire season? Just imagine cozying up on the couch or bed, grabbing your favorite snacks, and clearing your schedule for the rest of the day only to watch every episode of the new season of Stranger Things! Absolutely divine.

2. Cooking


Time to put on your chef hat and pre-heat the oven, because cooking with your partner is an entire experience. Whether your cooking skills are Iron Chef-worthy or you’ve never done more than make toast, cooking can be a very rewarding time. Just pick out a recipe that both of you will like, gather up all the ingredients, and follow the instructions as provided. You’ll both have fun, and if all goes well, you’ll get something tasty for your efforts.

3. Playing Games

Fun Weekend Activities

Games are a great way to bring a bit of competitiveness to your relationship. The two of you could play card games, board games, video games, trivia games, or anything in between. It will bring you back to your childhood and let you compete for fun rewards, like the loser having to do the dishes or the winner getting to pick that night’s movie—just remember that it’s all in good fun.

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4. Making Art

Making Art

You don’t have to be Picasso to create works of art with your significant other. With some paint or pencils, the two of you can work on art projects together to decorate your home! You might pick out each other’s subjects, the medium, or perhaps the style in which each of you must create your pieces. Another option is to work on one project together and see how it turns out!

5. Create Photo Albums

Create Photo Albums

Making a photo album may sound like something your grandma would rather do, but you may find that doing this with your partner is surprisingly fun. You’ll both have a blast going through all of your old photos and reminiscing about the special moments as you figure out how to best organize them. Then once you’re finished, you’ll have a book that you can look back on each time you want a laugh.

A Weekend Well Spent

These are all excellent ways to spend the weekend inside with your partner. Regardless of if you decide to play games, watch movies, or even work on art together, you can rest assured that you’re both in for a fun time! And if you’re feeling especially daring, you might even venture . . . outside.