4 Ways to Keep Romance Going in a Long-Term Relationship

Romantic Relationship

Relationships are hard. Whether you’re navigating your feelings in a brand new relationship or trying to keep a long-term relationship strong, you know that a romantic relationship will inevitably get complicated. However, one of the most common complaints that relationship counselors get is the lack of romance after years of being with the same person.

This is not a unique phenomenon, either. In the early days, months, or even years of a relationship, you likely feel a strong attraction to your partner. It’s usually a combination of emotional attraction, sexual (or physical) attraction, and general “butterflies” over the possibilities of a budding relationship.

However, as the years go by, these feelings tend to fade. The changes can manifest themselves in a number of ways, including emotional detachment, reduced sexual intimacy, and even infidelity or separation. Thus, many people want to know how they can keep the romance going in a long-term relationship. In this article, we will provide a few tips for you to maintain the romance for as long as possible and avoid an unhappy ending!

Try New Activities to Improve Your Romantic Relationship

Trying new things is fun and exciting. However, if you or your partner just try new things solo, your relationship is not benefiting from all the good times. So, try new things together. For example, you could start taking dancing classes, going to the gym, or simply attending concerts together. These will all strengthen the bond of your relationship and help you build mutual interests.

Work on Self-Improvement

In order to keep the romance going in a long-term relationship, self-improvement is a must. This advice is rather broad, as self-improvement can refer to physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. For example, you might get a bunionectomy or similar procedure to increase your mobility and comfort. You might also try out new clothing, hairstyles, or accessories to keep your partner on their toes.

Alternatively, you should also try to work on yourself as a person. Do you have negative traits that cause problems in your relationship? If so, see if you can work on these aspects of yourself. You won’t be able to make a complete change overnight, but you can make small changes over time to help make yourself a better person and a better partner at the same time!

Spend Time Apart

Absence makes the heart grow fonder — truer words were never spoken. If you spend 24/7 with your partner, you’re going to start feeling annoyed with everything they do. Instead, plan to have separate time every once in a while. Maybe you could take a week-long vacation with your friends or spend a few weeks visiting family. When you come back, you’ll likely find that you and your partner missed each other a great deal!

Be 100% Honest in Romantic Relationship

Some people are more open to honesty than others. However, the more honest you can be with your partner (and vice versa), the better. For example, if you find yourself attracted to a coworker, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your partner. It might cause some issues at first, but if you want to maintain a healthy relationship, keeping secrets is a bad idea. So, say how you really feel about things and encourage your partner to do the same.