Cool Doodle Ideas To Draw When You Are Bored

cool Doodle ideas

Ever caught yourself making circles, leaf petals, or just jagged patterns while you are bored in a class lecture or talking with a friend on call? Well, this is an art in itself.

Doodle art has therapeutic effects, and it clears stress from your mind. It is not necessary to follow some doodle ideas. However, if you want to take this leisure art activity to a good standard, you need coherent and purposeful ideas for doodling. Making random flowers and geometric doesn’t work every time.

Why Do We Love Doodling?

Doodles are more than mere drawings or scribbles. They show a human’s deep emotions and feelings that he suppresses from others. Since there is no wrong way of doodling, people do not feel the fear of failure. They have the freedom to draw anything they like; that is the coolest thing about it.

Other than just providing relief from stress, it also enhances recalling abilities by 29%. Freestyle drawings also lighten the mood and provide strength to recover from addictions.

Here is an Interesting Fact That Will Surprise You!

Red Bull Doodle Art is the global digital doodling competition. From over 60+ countries participate in it. There were over 120,000 entries in 2023, portraying its significance and popularity.

4 Simple and Cute Doodle Ideas You Can Try Today

Following are some cute doodling ideas you can use as inspiration to draw your own design and ease your stress.

1. Breakfast Doodle Art

It is the most aesthetic doodle art idea. Start by drawing basic shapes of food, utensils, furniture, and all the things that represent breakfast. Then, design these doodles by adding more details. For example, add shading, lines, patterns, and other intricate detailing to make it pop.

Another thing that makes it pop is the coloring and background texture. These styles make the doodles different and unique.

2. Illusion Doodle Art

Running out of cool doodling ideas to draw on a fun weekend? Try the illusion doodle art. This design style creates the appearance of 3D on a flat 2D surface. You can make this doodle with pens and markers of various shapes and thicknesses. The thing that makes it a bit different from other doodle styles is that it has a focal point. You can make this art as simple as a few intersecting lines with shading or as complex as intricate cobwebs.

3. Zen Doodle Ideas

It is the most therapeutic and different among all doodle art ideas. It consists of repetitive patterns in an abstract style. You can start drawing it by making a border on the sides and drawing a star with the help of a ruler. Then, you can design it in any way you want.

For example, you can divide the star into sections and then fill each section with patterns using circles, lines, squares, and whatever design you want. Do not think about it too much. Just enjoy the process of making abstract art and let your artistic ideas flow.

4. Cute Face Ideas (Kawaii Faces)

These are loved by kids and adults alike. You can draw these by sketching the oval and circle faces initially. Once you get the outline of the drawing, you can draw facial features, including nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, experiment with drawing expressions and add detailing like hair and other decoratives.

To get more doodle drawing ideas, observe faces or cartoons and draw inspirations to give them your original twist. Use color markers to add more persona to the art.


To create your personalized products, you can print these artwork and doodle ideas on t-shirts and mugs or share them online. It’s a profitable side gig that has the potential to become a full-time company with the right concepts, abilities, and marketing plans.