6 Easy & Enjoyable Kids Art Activities to Try At Home

Kids Art Activities

Art comes naturally to kids because they are born curious and want to mix and match different kinds of stuff all the time.

Art, in whatever form, be it painting, sketching, crafts, or DIY projects, enhances thinking and analyzing skills in kids. So, parents need to detach their kids from regular school work now and then and engage them in fun kids art activities.

Want your kids to get their hands on some fun art activities this weekend? Scroll down to explore some of the best ideas.

1. Coffee Filter Art For Kids

There are tons of art projects you can make with your kids using coffee filter paper. Due to its translucent properties, it looks aesthetic and fun to create. Paint the filter paper with ocean colors like dark and light blue with light shades of purple. Cut out shapes of your favorite fishes, sharks, or dolphins from color paper and paste them on the filter paper to make a cute suncatcher.

Another idea is to make emojis on filter paper. Just paint them yellow and draw eyes and lips with crayons to make your favorite emoji. You can cut out shapes of eyes and mouth from card paper and paste them on the filter paper as well.

2. Handmade Tiles Art For Kids

This one might be the most amazing one among all kid’s art activities. The main reason is that it has adventurous elements in it. Buy them this unique art project set; it will keep them busy for the day. They can just scribble on the tiles randomly and then drop alcohol a few drops. And finally, the magic element! Fire the alcohol, and it will show the stunning design. As parents, you must ensure that kids handle fire under your observation.

3. Paper Weaving For Kids

Kids’ motor and problem-solving abilities can get really sharp if you let them play with this art technique. Practical art like painting and crafting is the creative way they express themselves and their environment.

Make equal slits in a square color paper and then unfold it. Cut colored paper strips from another sheet and weave them through the slits. Apply glue so that they remain intact in their place. Lastly, fold the corners to get a fine look. You can design this mindful art as you like. Let your imagination wander, and give this paper art your own unique touch.

Optional: Decorate the woven paper art with beaded borders and fancy frames for a more polished appearance.

4. Tissue Paper Art For Kids

With just colorful tissues, a spray bottle, and a canvas, kids can create this beautiful art piece. Our dedicaeted art designer Rabia did some art work for kids, her art work’s illustrations can be seen in the above mentioned image. Here is a simple process: spray some water on the canvas and cut the tissues into different shapes like triangles and rectangles. Place these tissue papers on the damp canvas and let it stick. Spray some more water on the tissues and let it dry completely. You can overlap different colored tissues as well to give a more unique blend of colors. After they dry, remove the tissues carefully. You will see the most attractive fusion of colors on canvas that you can later get framed.

Children have associations with some colors. Hence, they will surely love this colorful and mesmerizing art frame hanging on the wall or cupboard.

5. Pastel Scribbles Art

Scribble art is close to doodle art. Kids can create just abstract images and patterns without thinking about anything specific in this one.

You can use anything to create scribble art (crayons, markers, colored pencils, anything). Just lose your hand and make freestyle patterns in no specific style. You can make different shapes and fill the gaps with different colors or draw loops, zigzag lines, or circles. At the end of the day, this activity is for kids. So they can relax after a busy day at school and let their imagination run free.

Even more incredible thing! You can draw faces, landscapes, birds, and pets. But that will require some techniques and an eye for detail.

6. Rock Painting

Rock painting is probably the most famous and widely created kids’ art that adults love to do equally. Pick the smoothest rock you can find in your garden or backyard, or order online. Use acrylic paint to create your favorite patterns, landscapes, faces, animals, birds, or anything you like. You can apply varnish or primer according to the type and surface of the rock. After the paint has dried, apply a second or third coating to get the best colors.


Kids’ art activities are the most effective way to develop expressive and learning attitudes in children. With tons of different colors and textures involved in creating coffee filter art, tissue paper art, and handmade tiles, they are more focused and present at the moment. Plus, these activities calm their nerves and relax their minds effortlessly.