13 Things to Consider Before Going for Beach Camping


As the weather is turning warm, you must be planning for summer vacations. You could try various activities for your summer holidays, but what could be refreshing and rejuvenating experience than beach camping with your loved ones! The idea is great, but there are few important things that you must consider before heading for a beach camping.

Beach Camping Tips

Today, i am going to share beach camping tips that will surely help you plan your trip smoothly and have a worth-remembering experience!
So here we go..

1. Know Your Destination Well For A Perfect Beach Camping:

There may be countless options that you want to consider before booking your next beach camping trip. Once you have shortlisted a few of them, make sure you have collected all the important information about the beach.

If available, you can visit their website or invest some time in researching online about that place. You should be knowing things such as, whether they offer food, have portable water resources or whether showers and flushable toilets are available or not. Knowing these details will make your backpacking easier.

2. Reserve Your Beach ASAP:

Reserve your beach

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As the summer season approaches, most of the people head to the beach, whether for camping, sun bathing, or surfing. Since beaches fill up quickly, especially during summer vacations, you must not waste time to reserve yours. It depends whether you are going to spend holidays on a local beach or somewhere else, you should take in to consideration the peak timing when the beaches are booked. The right way is to reserve your beach at least a month before you plan to travel.

3. Use The Right Tent Be It Your First Beach Camping Or Fourth!:

Using the right tent will enable you to make the most out of it. Try using the net with mesh roof and windows to enjoy the stargazing. It is one of its own kind of fun thing on beach camping.

And in case you want to enjoy the ocean breeze, use a tent which is opened from one side. Ensure you dig the camp pegs deeper in the sand. Also, make sure you have rainfly with you to protect yourself from sudden rain and mist from the ocean waves.

4. The Tools You Should Keep with You:

beach camping gear

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Without basic tools necessary for camping, you won’t be able to enjoy your stress free holidays. When camping, you would need various camping tools, such as tent, cooking tools, sleeping bag, tarp etc. a word to the wise: don’t forget to keep brush and a dustbin to brush off the sand. A little addition to your necessary tools will save you from frustration and difficulty.

5. Incorporating Shade Shelter Is Must For A Smooth Beach Camping:

Shade Shelter

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Naturally, beaches don’t provide shades to protect you or your stuff from sun heat, so you should prepare yourself to deal with the scorching sun and bring your own shelter. Long hours under the sun is not good for your skin or even health especially during summers. Ensure to bring a shelter that can accommodate you and your stuff well. Remember, you have to secure a place for the shelter too apart from your camp, if you have not yet considered this aspect, better start planning for it earlier. You can place a beach umbrella or keep a wide-brimmed hats. I am sure you will be thankful to keep this with you!

6. Keep Tarp And A Mat To Prevent Inner Tent From Sand:

beach sand

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As the beach is all-the-sand, it is wise to keep a tarp under your tent which extends at least two feet from your tent. Ideally, you should also place a mat on the entrance of the tent where you can wipe and keep your shoes out of the tent. This mat and extended tarp is good investment to prevent your tent from the sand.

7. Keep Miscellaneous Supplies Such As Rain Jacket Or Mosquito Net:

The weather at the beach can become unpredictable. Despite fully prepared you may skip keeping other important supplies such as a full-sleeved shirt, pants, rain jacket and a mosquito net. You must protect yourself from the tiny biting bugs. For some extra protection, especially, during night, you may need to wear that full sleeved shirt, pants and socks. Temperature at the beach usually drops after the sunset, so you should cover yourself completely to avoid any discomfort.

8. Be Prepared For The Tides:

It is very obvious that if you are planning to set up a camp by the ocean, you must prepare yourself for the tides. in order to staying positive about the ocean tides, set your camp and bonfire away, I repeat, away from the water especially when during high tide. The best way to prepare is to familiarize yourself from the oceanic waves well before you plan to setup a camp and gauge how far you should stay away from the tides. Regardless of how tempting it is to stay near the waves, but your holiday may be ruined if your camp is washed away by only one big tide. I am sure none wants to experience that!

9. A Bonfire Will Revitalize Your Whole Trip:

How many times do you enjoy a bonfire on your regular vacays or weekends? A bonfire is something you don’t arrange every now and then. So beach camping is the best opportunity to set up one. You need to follow instructions completely if bonfire is allowed. Ensure you have wood for fire.

In case your beach has a firing ring, it is best to use it. In case it is not available you can build it yourself- make sure you have learned this skill. The purpose of a bonfire is to have fun, so it is important to keep it manageable and small.

Safety Tip: don’t leave your fire unattended as well as drown it fully before you leave.

10. Ensure Protection from the Sun:


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I have already mentioned about the shelter to protect your possessions from the sun heat. By protecting from the sun does not only mean to have a shade or shelter but also you should protect your skin through a good SPF. You would not want to return home with the patches of sun burn on your face and body which take days to vanish. So, it is recommended that you should apply a good sunscreen on your body to protect your skin from those unattractive patches.

11. Sand Dunes Can Become Hazardous:

Sand dunes

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Sand dunes add to the beauty of the beach. However, it may also pose a high risk as they are made up of shifting sand, poisonous herbs at times, and rocks. These rock can slide down and hit you if you are not at the reasonable distance from the sand dunes. It is natural to be amazed by the beauty of the sand dunes and admiring the beauty of nature gives no harm, but never forget to be cautioned by the threat sometimes nature poses at us.

12. Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated

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While you prepare every bit of your camping supplies, don’t forget to keep a good deal of water supply with you. Sea water is surely not drinkable and you cannot rely on that help you stay hydrated. Even though you are planning to camp near a lake or river, ensure you have your own drinking water supply along with some purifying tables. It is rightly said, prevention is better than cure, so even if you have to drink water from the lake or river near your camp, ensure you purify yourself.

13. Invest in Portable Toilet:

This is what you will never regret to have with you! None likes to trudge in the middle of the night. To prevent yourself from unnecessary walking, keep a portable toilet near your camp. You can find many in the market, so grab one; this is going to be very useful for you and your whole family.