11 Effective Ways to Improve Your Health on a Busy Schedule!

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Let’s accept one fact: with a crazy busy schedule it is very difficult to stay fit and lead a healthy life. So much so that you are compelled to eat junk and compromise on your sleeping hours. Even if you feel tempted to join a gym, it seems REALLY hard to get up and begin your fitness regime.

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All of us face the similar situations, so there is no wonder, but have you ever thought that despite finding it difficult, it is still possible to swap all those unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Easier said than done! I am not holding a view that you should suddenly begin with a two hours’ workout at the local gym, or start skipping your meals. However, there are few simple but small steps that need little attention but put great impact on your health.

11 Easy and Effective Ways to Improve Your Health

Let’s see how can you improve your health by easy yet effective ways:

1. Eat Breakfast, No Matter What:


The old saying goes like “you get older quickly by skipping your breakfast”. That’s actually true! Skipping breakfast means that your energy level during the day goes down. Yes, you should avoid high sugar and carbohydrates, instead choose complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, fruits and vegetables; fiber rich breakfast like whole grain, organic cow’s milk, egg yogurt; rich in protein like seeds, avocados etc. Simply, swap your packed cereals breakfast to these options. Certainly, it is not difficult!

2. Include Iron in Your Diet:


Lack of iron makes your body fatigued and can also cause depression. You can have iron rich oatmeal or lentils meals instead of junk which will do no good to your body. Iron strengthens your body muscles keeping your energy level high during workday.

3. Limit the Intake of Coffee:


While you need to have an energy boost during your work, try other alternatives instead of coffee. Excessive coffee dehydrates you and damages your liver. If your detoxifying organ is damaged, you will become more prone to diseases, and weight gain. So, next time when you shop for grocery, pick green tea, Oolong tea, or peppermint instead of a jar of a coffee, it’s that simple!

4. Drink Water, as Much as You Can:


Quench your thirst during working hours with water instead of packaged juices or energy drinks, which are actually high in sugar. Drinking plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day, kills your hunger and makes digestion smooth. It keeps your energy level up while your hunger down. A word to the wise: drink water twenty minutes before and sixty minutes after your meal.

5. Ditch those Packaged and Processed Food:


As i said in the breakfast section, avoid sugary food, it goes not only for the breakfast but also for the meal for the rest of your day. Processed and artificial foods are high in sugar which cause obesity and diabetes.

6. Eat Whole and Fresh Food:


Do you remember when our grandmothers used to say eat fresh food and stay healthy? Well That’s true, fresh and whole food retains the important nutrition which are important for a healthy body. This is even more important when you are stuck in your busy schedule. It is less time consuming with high degree of nutrition.

7. Take Your Meal to Your Work Place:


In order to save those extra bucks and especially fat on your waist line, bring your home cooked lunch to your workplace. You can even swap heavy lunch for fruits and fresh salad.

8. Add Soups and Stews in Your Meal:


Have you ever thought why Chinese people are healthy? That s because of healthy eating habits. They add soup in their diet. Soups are healthiest options which also save time and money and make sure you stay healthy.

9. Prepare Your Meal ahead of time on Weekends:


Fresh salads and fruits are simple to cut and put together. But all that chopping, mixing and cooking takes a good deal of time. The best way to make sure you eat healthy throughout the week, spare some serious time during the weekend to prepare your meals for the whole week. Pre-cooking and preparing large chunk of food will save you time. You can then use required portion during whole week.

10. Consider Making Smoothie Bags:


Smoothies are nutrient efficient drinks that you should not miss out. As you prepare your week long healthy meals, prepare smoothie bags in the freezer for entire week. For smoothies you can add spinach, berries, or protein powder. Separate packages for each day and when you are preparing, just put all the ingredients in blender.

11. Include Exercise, Even If for a Shorter Span:

At times busy schedule means you have little to no time for exercise. In fact, if you add just half an hour of workout with healthy food, you will see the difference in no time!

Good luck for your healthy routine. If you want to add more, share with us in comments below!

Image source: Pixabay