Top 6 Mindfulness Art Activities For Inner Peace and Destress

Mindfulness Art Activities

Art and mindfulness have a deep connection.

We all are surrounded by gadgets and tech devices all the time, and they extract every ounce of our energy throughout the day. And we are left with only exhaustion and tiredness at the end.

Therefore, you should practice mindfulness art activities to relax yourself and be more conscious of your own self.

Some time away from the gadgets in gardens, painting your favorite sceneries, and doodling gives you a dopamine rush and relieves stress. In fact, dedicated Mindfulness-based Art Therapy (MBAT) effectively reduces the symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

These are the top 5 activities that you should try to experience the magic of art in achieving mindfulness.

1. Have Fun With Splatter Art

Splatter art does not follow the traditional rules of painting. Therefore, kids love it. You can try it as well to experience true happiness and relaxation. The process is fun because you do not have to worry about the final painting. It is an expressive and inspirational activity. You might get new ideas while splashing random paints on the card sheet.

2. Doodle Your Stress Away

Remember when you used to draw random flowers, patterns, and circles in your textbook when bored? Well, it is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress. The repetitive patterns of doodle art synchronize your hand with the mind and relax your body.

3. Make Flextangles

These paper toys do not only look mesmerizing but also calm anxiety as well. It is a fun weekend activity you can play with your family and kids. Take a few deep breaths while rotating the flextangle and focus on the changing patterns.

4. Draw Your Breath

It helps you sync your mind, body, and breath. Start by taking a sheet of paper and drawing lines as you breathe. Pause at inhale and draw at exhale. Or draw one breath with one line, starting from inhale to exhale. There are no correct or wrong ways to draw it. Just notice how you breathe when you are more focused on drawing it.

5. DIY Glitter Jar To Calm Down

As much as it is visually appealing, it feels soothing to watch. When you shake the mason jar filled with bright-colored glitter and watch them all getting settled down, it feels therapeutic. It helps you navigate your feelings and get detached from the trigger for a moment.

6. Create Intricate Zentangle Art

If you love to create intricate and delicate art with a lot of detailing, you can grab a piece of paper and pen to create zentangle art. It is commonly drawn in black and white. And there is a balanced use of negative and positive space in this art technique. With several lines, curves, dots, and shades, you can either create a specific object or just an aesthetic abstract design.

To Summarize:

There are endless mindfulness art activities you can try at your home. These activities can effectively help you manage your feelings and thoughts when overwhelmed. Art therapy is the most fascinating way to focus on the present moment and destress your mind while having fun.