Holiday At Home: Best Ways to Experience Cairns

Best Ways to Experience Cairns

We’ve been through a lot this year. And most of us are aching for a little escape from the monotony of daily routine. However, with the current global climate ruling international travel, Aussies are set to holiday at home this year. So, what better destination it could be than Cairns! I’m sure you must be looking for the best ways to experience Cairns!

Very few places can compete with Cairns. Its glorious warm weather, pristine beaches, and lush rainforests are the natural beauty of this region of Far North Queensland.

Thinking of heading to Cairns this holiday season? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the five best was to experience Cairns and help you get the most out of your vacations, and make it memorable!

Cruise the Great Barrier Reef of the
best ways to experience Cairns

Cairns is situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It should be a crime to visit Cairns and not spend at least one day out on the reef!

Unless you’re visiting between June and October when you’re less likely to encounter stingers in the water, opting for a breakfast or sunset cruise is generally the best way to go.

Enjoy a dip at Crystal Cascades: One of the best ways to experience Cairns!

Ever wanted to feel like you’re in a travel show and swim beneath a waterfall in a tranquil watering hole? Well, you can do it for real at Crystal Cascades!

A short half-hour drive from Cairns, Crystal Cascades has been a long-time favourite among locals and travellers alike who are looking for a refreshing way to escape the heat of the day in a swimming hole hidden amongst the trees of the surrounding rainforest. 

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Glamp it up

If you haven’t tried it yet, glamping is a great way to get back to nature without having to sacrifice on the little luxuries.

If you’re not that keen on travelling around the region and would prefer to set up camp and stay put in the one spot, there are companies in Cairns that will set up your glamping tent in a location of your choosing. Just keep in mind that most glamping experiences aren’t air-conditioned. So if you’re not used to the Cairns climate it could prove to be a little much.

Go road trip pin

Aussies love a good road trip, and Cairns offers some truly unique experiences if you’re travelling by road. Within very easy reach of destinations including Babinda, Kuranda, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, and the spectacular Daintree Rainforest, the options of where to head are endless.

While you can always do it by car, why not go all out and organise motorhome hire Cairns so have complete freedom to travel wherever the heart leads you without having to worry about finding accommodation.

View the Landscapes from above

Few things can compare to taking in the sights and landscapes of Cairns from the air.

Whether you like a hot air balloon ride or helicopter flight, Cairns boasts a truly unique location where the reef meets the rainforest, offering some seriously impressive aerial scenery that will be sure to stay with you for a lifetime!