Five Best Sports Apps for 2018 You Should Download!

best sports apps

With the rise of smartphone technology, we have increasingly become dependent on the applications which keep us updated about various things important in our daily lives. This includes from a workout routine to sports and game; things that we usually miss due to our busy schedule.

Best Sports Apps

Talking about sports and games, if you are a sportsperson, or just an amateur in both cases you would love to stay updated about sports such as football, rugby or basketball, CBS Sports is one such platform which will keep you updated about your favorite games. Here are five best sports apps that you must have at least one or two of the following list.

NBA App:

NBA App makes it to the top of our app list for 2018. There are many legit reasons: an official app which lets its users view scores, stats, game times, and top plays. It helps you view highlights of the games as well as you can follow your favorite teams. Like other apps, it offers its users to download this app for free but there is also a paid version for $17.99 per month. This paid version give advanced features such as live streaming as well as full game replays. So, if you have missed any of your favorite game, you can easily watch the entire match through this app.

Yahoo Sports:

Who does not know about yahoo, one of the pioneers of web services providers. With its diverse web services, now it has its sports app called Yahoo Sports. It, like other apps, provides the basic features such as stats, scores and information about your favorite team and players from famous sports league such as NFL,NHL,MLB or NBA. It is very easy to sign in and select your favorite teams. Moreover, you can even customize the alerts for games or scores, whichever suits your interest. So, you have option to receive alerts of your own choice.


We all know about ESPN, our favorite sports channel, has now its own app. This app gives you updates about your favorite team. Like yahoo, you can also personalize this app, which displays only your favorite teams and leagues. You would find leagues such as MLB, college football, college basketball and Esports.

Score App:

If you are a fantasy sports fan, and want to have an ultimate mobile sports app experience, Score App is right choice for you. Along with a real time alerts, it gives its users a smooth and excellent online sports streaming experience. Through its fantasy sports tools, it helps you follow the team you like. You can also follow the leagues MLB, NFL, NCAA and CFL through this app. Breaking news alerts, and features like box scores, players’ stats, betting odds, recaps, league leaders or top stories, make this app one of the top sports apps among most of the youngsters. Not only these games, but it also offers Tennis, Soccer, Golf and Auto racing as additional games.

NFL Mobile:

In order to get all the relevant as well as important news, updates and highlights about NFL, get your hands on NFL Mobile app. It gives you more than just alerts and updates; stats, up-to-the-minute alerts, and scores and off-season updates about the NFL. Live games and replaying the past games is the winning feature, making it one of the best sports app for sports freaks. Although, this app is also free, but you have to be a Verizon customer or holder of NFL Game Pass membership, to get fully benefited through this app’s features.