Four Digital Marketing Practices for Startups in the Fashion Industry

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Four Digital Marketing Practices for Startups in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is perhaps one of the oldest industries and in 2018 economists valued it at 1.2 trillion globally. It knows no bounds; from a teen in Tokyo, Japan obsessed with Harajuku or Kawaii fashion to a Tax Lawyer Calgary-based in Canada who loves expensive suits, fashion is a global industry that comes in many different forms.

Digital Marketing Practices

To survive in this competitive industry here are tips that startups can employ to gain a competitive edge, become relevant and maintain a steady growth for years to come.

Content is King

Initially coined by Summer Redstone, the phrase will always hold true despite its cliché nature. People don’t know by iPhones because Apple made it, people purchase these phones because of the content that depicts the product value. Often startups underestimate the importance of content based on the assumption that others will see their product and automatically find it as valuable as the owner does. Content is however what users base their decisions on.

Creating branded content is essential to a company’s success as it profoundly influences purchasing behavior. It is, therefore, crucial to focus and perfect content creation. Whether it is social media, videos, blogs, images or live feeds, every aspect of it should be well thought out and delivered with precision to the target market.

Blogging with flair

Of the content a startup ought to create, blogging is a vital part in the success of a fashion line. Customers are generally more satisfied when a person breaks down a product through high-quality writing than merely stating the attributes. It is this space that fashion bloggers thrive. Startups can consider turning to professionals and companies to undertake this venture as they have learned the psychology behind getting people to spend money on brands.

Partnering with Influencers

Influential people on the public are another way of getting a fashion brand known. The reason brands like Lancôme and Pantene continue being luxury brands is their use of celebrities either in direct advertising or having them make product mentions. Almost all startups cannot afford to have stars make mention of their products, and that is where influencer marketing comes in. Partnering with persons with significant following both online and offline and they mention or review your brand marketer agree it’s a highly effective way of getting a brand noticed. The trust their audience has in them that has them taking the leap of faith and purchase a brand.

Campaigns on discount programs

Hardly anyone can resist a sale. Running sales, and not just on major holidays, is one of the ways to attract new customers to a brand. Discounts are also a way to retain brand loyalty as customers know that they can trust you to lower the prices at some point and they make the purchase if they are not in a position to initially. It in a way widens the demographic with regards to disposable income. However, for this to be successful, content promoting the campaign on discounted programs ought to run simultaneously on all social platforms.

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