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Small Cosmetic Business

If you’ve recently started a small cosmetic business, there are many ways to help it grow. One direction cosmetic sales companies might not consider is sales to men. Today’s male consumers are increasing cosmetic purchases. Here are some suggestions that may help you increase sales to your male clients.

4 Best Tips to Promote Your Small Cosmetic Business To Men

Cosmetic Business

1. Recognize the Potential

The cosmetic industry is a profitable one. To specify, the International cosmetic market made more than $532 billion in 2017. By the end of 2023, international cosmetic sales are expected to reach over $805 billion. There’s no reason why your cosmetics business can’t earn a significant portion of that money.

Recent trends have shown some men are embracing a skincare routine by their own choices. Male celebrities – including athletes – are promoting their lines of male skin care products. When men accompany females to spas, those men often get facials or other skin treatments. Male executives often make their clean manicures a point of pride.

2. Discover What Male Clients Want

According to Professional Beauty UK, male clients most frequently buy skin moisturizers, eyelid creams, and anti-aging products. Offering those products on your website or local store is a good beginning. Cologne has always been famous for men, so you can include some popular colognes with your merchandise. You can take that knowledge one step further by offering body lotions or other skincare products with scents similar to their favorite colognes.

Men may accept colognes, but when they search for cosmetics, they typically look for a solution. For example, they may want a cream to minimize wrinkles or make their skin less dry. Capitalize on this information by marketing your product with adjectives that explain its use. Instead of “Jones Skin Cream,” it will probably sell fewer tubes than “Jones Wrinkle Eraser.”

3. Offer a Service for Balding Clients

According to Men’s Health, men who become bald typically begin doing so in their late twenties. Although it will take those men 15 – 25 years to lose all their hair, many men become self-conscious once they begin to lose any hair. You can offer men practical solutions for improving their appearance, regardless of how much hair they have. There are cosmetic solutions to covering or minimizing bald spots.

If your client asks about covering their bald spots, advise them to begin with cleaning and drying their forehead. This action should be followed by applying a foundation that’s the same color as their scalp. They can also add a concealer two or three shades lighter. After this, they will use products that match their hair color.

4. Build Your Online Presence

Your small business may be popular in your community, but it will need an online venue to grow. According to High Rock Studios, clients who are ready to make a purchase spend over 76 times more on products and services that they find online. When male customers consider purchasing skin care products, they will not likely go to the makeup aisles at the store. They’re much more likely to Google “men’s skincare” and buy items they find online.

At a minimum, your cosmetic business needs a company website with a secure portal for clients to buy your products online. If you’re serious about attracting more men as customers, you must include some male-oriented content on your landing page. You should consider having a blog with skin care topics – and target your male customers with some topics – such as bronzers, anti-aging products, and men’s hair care products. Your company should also consider a Facebook page on which you can print customer reviews, answer FAQs, and feature new products.


The cosmetic industry will continue to change in the future. If you want your small cosmetics business to grow, you’ll need to follow trends as they occur. Begin with some of the suggestions above, and then listen to any of the requests your male clients have.