3 Practical Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing strategies

In the modern marketing landscape, you cannot adopt a marketing strategy because it was recommended or it’s being used by your competitors. You need an action plan. The recommended digital marketing strategies might be effective, but without an actionable plan, you’ll be wading through darkness trying to reach that target. In your marketing campaigns, you have to adopt other strategies – the strategies that will bring in customers. Those steps ate the building blocks of your digital marketing campaign, and they are the things that will help you reach your goal, or perform better than your competitors.

If you are new in the field, reaching the desired goal might be harder than it should. To prevent that from happening, you need to identify your opportunity first, then define your strategies before taking action.

How do you do all this?

1. Identify your buyer persona

Who are you selling to? Note that this is a question you must ask even when marketing offline. A buyer persona represents your ideal customer. To identify or build a buyer persona, you have to research, survey, and interview the people who make up your audience. Base your research on real data and include a mix of customers and prospects.

You need quantitative and qualitative information in your research. This is your location, age, income, and job title; and on the other end, their goals, priorities, challenges, and hobbies or interests.

2. Improve your website

From market research, it’s clear that you can only level the marketing playing field by improving the appearance and performance of your business. Other than an enticing landing page, optimize your web content. Research on the right keyword, make sure it makes sense, and use it appropriately.

To increase traffic to your site, increase the website’s loading speeds, create high-quality, comprehensive, and helpful content, and create other forms of content like e-books and infographics. You also need to leverage the power of videos because they have a high conversion rate.

Make the content on your website shareable and bring something different to the table. Hire an experienced designer who understands SEO and trendy web designs.

3. Social media marketing

Your buyer Persona is on social media, right? What are they searching for? To reach a wider audience of potential buyers, improve your social media marketing strategies. Create high-quality content, share a compelling story, use high-quality images, and videos. You also need to tap into trending news. Leverage the power of influencers, and use tools available in those sites.

What this means is that your digital strategy should include a budget for social media marketing.

To make the most out of this, you have to combine social media marketing and social business. How can you use social media to improve your service delivery? Reviews and comments are instrumental in marketing your products while giving you insights into how to improve your products and service delivery, what to change, products to introduce. For this to happen, interact with your customers, and ask feedback.

Bonus strategies

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online and display advertising.

Lastly, audit your marketing strategies then improve them and eliminate or re-strategize when a strategy fails to work.

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