How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

increase traffic to your website

A website gaining attraction makes every owner of a website happy. Seeing more visitors to your site, recording high dwell times and low bounce rates is every site owner’s dream. The only problem, however, is the fact that driving more traffic to your website is not as easy as it sounds.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Lucky for you, there are strategies you could employ to ensure that your content, services, and products reach a wider market base. If implemented correctly, you will reap great rewards, and the best bit is that you do not have to spend a fortune.

Content optimization using LSI keyword

SEO is, and will always be, the best strategy for driving traffic through your website. But, there is a catch; the old SEO strategies are not very effective now, and they no longer work thanks to Google’s Hummingbird and RankBrain algorithms. Right now, it matters more if Google’s algorithms understand the keywords or not.

How does anyone do this, you ask? Well, sprinkle LSI keywords in your content. LSI keywords refer to the phrases and words related to your target keywords. As long as the phrases are related to the main keyword, then Google will accept the content and rank it. Note that a high rank always corresponds with more traffic.

Tap into guest blogging and upside-down guest posting

How many times have you taken time to read about the author of an article in the site you frequent? While he or she creates great content, do you often take time to read more about them, what they do and what else they have written? As a guest blogger, you know that getting noticed is crucial but even more important is someone visiting your site to see what else you have to offer, right?

Well then, if you want more people to see your face and read your bio, you should write the guest post and then include several sections with ‘helpful resources’ throughout the guest post. By including Additional and Related content, you increase your chances of getting noticed. People are more likely to click on the additional resources links than they are likely to read your bio.

You need to make sure that the description of the extra articles is enticing and linked strategically.

While at it, tap into blogger outreach by finding other bloggers who share similar interests like you. You should, however, ensure that your content sells itself so that you don’t have to ask other bloggers to like or comment on your blog.

Upgrade and overhaul your old blog posts

Do you remember the old blog post that stirred your audience? Think of the time you spent creating the content, how factually correct your points were, and how relevant they were.

Can they fit your current class of audience? If so, spruce it up then repost it. And if there are sections you’d like to revamp, weed out, or add more information, do that. So, go through your blog posts and look at the content there is – is it still relevant to your audience today? If not, what can you do to ensure that it meets the new standards? If there are strategies that don’t work anymore, eliminate them.

Once you’ve made all the appropriate changes, you should update your new post for your audience. This strategy would guarantee more traffic to your site, especially if the original increase in traffic were organic. So, are there old articles you wrote and gained a lot of traffic from your website, a few tweaks could be all you need to gain more traffic.

You might also want to relaunch your content, not just revamp it. By relaunching your content, the content appears like a brand-new blog post. If you already have a following, people who love your content, sending email notifications will ensure that those people get wind of the information and share it.

Take advantage of the content transformation

What this means is that you should take one of your blog posts and recreate a podcast, an infographic, a YouTube video, or an e-book out of it. This works well, as long as you have great quality content, and the content does not have to be new. You are only turning a good piece into something better.

Work on lowering the bounce rate

Bouncing rate is one of the other important ranking signals thanks to RankBrain, Google’s Algorithm. For this, you must create high-quality content, make the content readable, and work on your website to ensure that the loading speeds are high.

Use podcasts

It’s about time you got comfortable with speaking into a microphone because that could be the one thing that will boost your traffic to unimaginable levels. Asking why podcasts work? Well, Americans are becoming smarter, and no one wants to waste time. So, instead of sitting in the car looking at other motorists as you snake through traffic, people are listening to books and other forms of audio content that could add value to their lives. Besides visitors, podcasts could earn you a few authority backlinks, again, a boost to your rankings on search engine result pages.

Create content that is appealing to influencers

Unless your content is something influencers want to read, they will not spend time on it. So, if you are creating content in a particular area, you should curate it in a manner that every influencer in that sector will want to read and share it.

Share triggers

Does your content feature share triggers? No? Perhaps that is the reason for the low traffic, despite all your efforts? Share triggers are the things included in the content to push readers to share that content. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and it shows that people are most likely to share content when prodded. Among other share triggers, social currency is the biggest one, and it works because people share the things that make them feel great.

Facebook Retargeting

Using Facebook Ads, you can reach a huge audience but, it is expensive. However, you can still do it by retargeting visitors at a lower cost.

Other strategies include:

  • Publishing high-quality and long-format content
  • Optimizing your site to meet the requirements of Google’s Mobile-First Index
  • Run an active YouTube Channel
  • Create viral posts