Reasons Why You Should Cuddle More

Reasons to Cuddle More

We often associate cuddling with intimate moments, but it proves to be more beneficial than a display of affection. Science shows that it’s a fantastic way to bond with one’s partner, but we’re here to tell you why you should be cozying up to your partner more. Don’t wait for the cold winter months to rip the benefits.

Reasons to Cuddle More

It Causes the Release of Oxytocin

Also known as the love hormone, oxytocin becomes release when cuddling, leading to an increased sense of bonding. It places a person in a state that it lowers their blood pressure, anxiety, and even depression. While there are other ways that oxytocin gets released such as when cleaning, when cuddling the pleasure is more. It does not always have to lead to or be as a result of physical intimacy. By itself, it gets a person in their happy place where interacting with hard tasks or people like a Canadian Tax Amnesty agent wouldn’t feel like the worst thing that happened to you.

Eases Stress

When bonding with another person, the stress on the person tends to be less. That is because, equally, the oxytocin acts as a natural anti-anxiety remedy. When cuddling, one’s body tends to be relaxed meaning that one can unwind from the difficulties that days present. Whether it is talking about the day’s events or catching an episode of your favorite television show, cuddling proves to be a stress releaser. It also holds true when a person is in pain. It is the reason why a child who gets cuddled after an injury tends to feel better faster.

You Sleep Better

When you’re rested and at easy, falling asleep becomes easier. While there’s the humor that comes with drooling on a partner, it is in this relaxed state that people can fall into deeper sleep. It is in that state that the body can repair itself, leaving you feeling energized in the morning. When rested, the immune system and heart are then able to function at its best meaning you’ll be falling ill less often.

Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction

There is a security that comes with cuddling with someone that you’re sexually active with. While it is women, who tend to benefit more, studies show that cuddling after sex brings about a heightened level of relationship satisfaction. The same does not have to be sexual. Studies also show that cuddling with children brings about more relationship satisfaction for both parties.