Social Media Expose: Pinterest Isn’t Just for Pipe Dreams

Social Media Expose

Most of us use some sort of social media platform every day. Whether it’s Facebook LinkedIn Twitter or one of the hundreds of others, we routinely go online to connect and interact with one another, document our lives, and let’s face it, waste some time. But in the years since its original inception, social media has also become a remarkable tool for making money.

Social Media Expose

It might be surprising to learn that nowadays most, if not all, social media sites aim to sell products even more than they endeavor to connect long-lost school buddies. This doesn’t mean they are all overtly using ads, but rather that they are engaging their users in ways that bring awareness to and interest in their products. Pinterest is no different. Take a look at three reasons why businesses should use Pinterest to promote their brands:

250 Million People Use It

Research marketers might use a certain type of online bulletin board to further a company’s data production and, hopefully, increase sales, but Pinterest is another type of online bulletin board that, similar to the old-school concept, allows users to display information and artwork and advertise products, services, and events. Over 250 million people use Pinterest each month, making it a goldmine for potential customers! Social Networking

Consumers Respond to Visuals

Research shows that people process and remember visual information faster and more easily than written information. Apparently, pictures really are worth a thousand words. And because Pinterest is a platform built on pictures, it makes sense that marketers could have a heyday planting visual content that resonates with Pinterest users, thereby encouraging brand awareness and future sales.

Pinterest Users Have the Desire (and the Money) to Spend

Pinterest isn’t just a way for bored women to record their dream kitchens, clothes, and travel destinations. It’s a valid resource for businesses wanting to engage consumers in meaningful ways that foster interest and effectively harness the purchasing power of the largest cohort of American consumers: Millennials. According to Pinterest’s own figures, one out of two Millennials is on Pinterest with over 50% of them having household incomes above $75,000. That’s a lot of cash on the table ready to be spent, especially since “93% of Pinners use [the platform] to plan purchases” and “67%…say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from business content on Pinterest.”

If businesses just start thinking outside the box, it’s apparent that they can market their products and services in a lot of creative and effective ways!