Time-tested Car Care Tips to Ensure Your Vehicle Last

Car Care Tips

The modern automobile has become an important part of some, if not many, households. Owning your own car is convenient, especially when public transport is not the best option. It is, therefore, important that you take good care of your car.

Car Care Tips

Here are some car care tips to ensure your car runs in tip-top condition for a long time.

Drive with care

Be considerate of other road users when you are behind the wheel. Drive with care to keep your car in good condition for a long time. Do not warm your engine by starting the car and letting it idle in the driveway as a car engine does not operate well at peak temperature. Further idling will lead to incomplete fuel combustion, oil contamination, and damaged car components. Do not to drive at high speeds and avoid quick acceleration as this will result in the car requiring frequent repairs. To put less strain in your engine, shift to neutral at red lights if your car’s transmission is automatic.

Fuel your car at a reputable fuel station

Find a good petrol station that you trust and stick to it. Make sure that they change their pump filters regularly so as to avoid contaminated fuel. Untrustworthy fuel stations may fail to properly mix the fuel or even water down the fuel thus causing problems for your car.

Choose a good car insurer

No matter how carefully you drive, you may get into an accident through no fault of yours. As such, it is important that you get auto insurance. This will help you get compensation or ensure that the garage repairs your car using original parts. You will not deal with the money aspect because the insurance will handle the issue of payment directly with the garage owners.

Servicing and check wheel alignment and rotate tires

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is important that you service your car after covering a certain mileage. Servicing allows the mechanic to confirm that the car is in good running condition. It will also give him a chance to top up the coolant, windshield wiper water, ATF, brake fluid amongst others. Also check on wheel balancing and alignment regularly.

Protect the car from the elements especially the sun

Paint not only gives the car an aesthetically appealing look but also protects it from rust. The best way to protect the paintwork is to park the car in a garage. However, if the garage is not an available option, purchase a car cover or park the car in the shade. It is vital that you protect your car from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as they break the paint down causing it to fade.

Go easy on the car when stuck

When stuck in the mud, do not spin your tires at high speeds as this will, in turn, generate a lot of heat that could bring about transmission and clutch problems for your car. In addition to having traction aids such as gravel, call a tow truck when stuck rather than having to incur expensive repair costs in the long run.