How to get paid Sponsorships on Instagram

How to get sponsorships

Data from 2018 shows Instagram as among the top most effective platform to advertise on. With a high return on investment, brands gravitate toward it when promoting their products. Influencer Central mention in an article Instagram has become the platform of choice to influencers. Brands now understand the role of influencer marketing, with a user-generated post providing high conversion rate. That is compared to when a brand promotes their content.

How to get Sponsorships

Paid partnerships are what influencers use to show that they are sponsored. While that previously caused people to assume that the influencer is not authentic, that has now changed. Influencers are finding that they have to be true and stand by brands they believe in. As it stands, the average Instagram users might consider that paid partnerships are left for those with a more significant following or are celebrities in their own right.

However, brands realize that it is the average person that has the most power among their peers. If you have a smaller number of friends who know you, they are more likely to become loyal to a brand, compared to someone more popular on the platform. People are likely to engage, including asking questions about where they can get honest feedback.

The Power of Micro-influencers

Therefore, almost anyone can become an influencer, albeit on a smaller scale. Those with friends with similar taste will bring about higher conversion rates than if a Kardashian had a paid partnership post up. It equally requires trust, but there are other aspects to consider should you wish to become a micro-influencer.

The first is affiliating with brands that speak to your personality, taste, style and the like. Opt to gravitate toward things you are known for; a gamer would gravitate toward online games; a tax audit professional into suits would pair better with a clothing store. Whatever gets chosen ought to make sense in people’s minds; the connection should be evident.

Along with being true to yourself with regards to brands you use, remember your audience. Showing the brands, you approach an extensive understanding of the demographics within your network increases the probability of a sponsorship deal. The age, profession, interest and what time you get the most engagement are all data you can gather to use for your pitch to the brand of choice.

Wrap up

Once you land on a deal, consistency is what will sustain the deal. You equally ought to have a command of the platform. That includes knowing the types of captions that work, tagging the brand, using relevant hashtags and using geo tagging. As you progress, you can venture to other brands- however, ensure you don’t end up looking like a telemarketer online.