The Art of Customer Care – Treating your Customers Right

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The Art of Customer Care – Treating your Customers Right

When I was hunting some business insurance near me three weeks ago, I visited various offices as I wanted at least three options. While it took a chunk of my time, it also exposed me to different customer care experiences that enriched my knowledge on how to treat a potential client.

Art of Customer Care

While most of the people that served me were great, two went the extra mile of providing information that influenced my decision. That got me thinking a lot about art of customer care.

Connecting with the Customer

Empathy is a great thing that should be cultivated in everyone. As a rep, you know you will be dealing with all sorts of people: the chatty, the rude, and the impatient. You are called upon to deal with each of them professionally without going high when they rise. You will also need clear communication skills so that you convey the right message to a customer. Time management helps you spend just enough time on one client so you don’t keep others waiting for too long.

Know Your Organization

Some customer care reps are great at making you feel at home, but they fail when it comes to selling their organization. I am always of the opinion that the persona manning the front desk should be the first source of information of all the company’s processes and what it has to offer. Unfortunately, I found that most are trained to direct you to an office that will provide the information you need even though all you needed were a few facts that they could give. Three reps admitted to not knowing what their companies dealt with.

Improve on Customer Interactions

One thing that offline shopping has over its online counterpart is human interaction. You want to establish a common interest with your client to make the interaction a bit personal and especially when there is a conflict. Admit when you are wrong even before the client notices it so they can see your ingenuity. The mantra – customer is always right – applies all the time. Even when they are causing a scene, you will be the bigger person and explain things in a nice tone.

One other thing I find annoying is when a rep promises to look into something so that they can get rid of me. I am petty and of our agreement is not followed up, I am reporting it on social media. If you promise to follow up on a complaint, please do.

Cater to your Customers

Beyond the refreshments that you offer us when we visit your office, ask us how we can help improve services and then act on our recommendations. If you run an online shop, it hurts not to meet and greet your most valued customers and marketers – either personally or on video calls. You would be surprised the impact this small gesture might have on your business. Whenever you can, bring your customers together so they feel like they are members of a community. Small gestures will win you loyalty and god business for life.

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