5 Things You Will Wish You Did Sooner


Do you ever sit down sometimes and wonder how you ever made it this far without certain things? Well, there are actions you may regret as soon as you make them but there are some you will wish you did sooner.

Getting off your Comfort Zone

You have been working out for a year but haven’t seem much muscle increase. Your body isn’t getting any stronger and you honestly can’t do more reps at the smith machine than you did when you first started. Well, could it be that you have refused to get out of your comfort zone? Your refusal to challenge yourself is the one thing standing in the way of getting your ideal body. The same goes for a stalled career and love-live.

Taking out Insurance

You will not know the value of travel insurance until you have to cancel your travel plans at the last minute, knowing full well that the airline will not refund a dime. Travel insurance saves the day so you don’t lose your money. Auto insurance is just as important as it allows you to be at peace whenever you are on the road. Have you covered your laptop and other valuables especially if you travel often? Being as they are expensive, you are better safe than sorry.

Making your Happiness a Priority

Who is better placed to understand you better that yourself? Most of the time, we unfortunately put our happiness in other people’s hands. We expect too much from them and blame our unhappiness in their decisions. Truth is, no one owes anyone anything and if you fail to do, you will forever think others owe you. Happiness, they say, is an inside job. Treat yourself well so that those with poor intentions lack the space to manipulate your choices.

Getting over Things Sooner

Most of us carry grudges for days! We refuse to let go of pain that comes from things done to us years ago. If you want to hold on to the past for the rest of your life, it is perfectly okay, but you should not be shocked when bad things keep following you. You gain nothing from allowing yourself to hurt over things that happened ones ago. Just let the bad go to let in good karma.

Spending Time with those you Love

No one ever regretted spending time with people they loved, but there is a mountain of regret for those who never made time. Family is everything – and it not limited to blood relations. We live in a society that never has time for things outside of work, but at the end it is those closest to us that will be our side when we need them. So, make time for those who matter when you still can.

Things you might never regret? Getting off social media for a day – or for life – if it does not benefit you socially or financially. Another thing you will never regret? Eating more fruits and leafy veggies.