Car Cover Buying Guide: Which Car Cover Best Suits Your All Weather Needs

Car Cover Buying Guide: Which Car Cover Best Suits Your All Weather Needs

Your Toyota Camry is touted for its great mileage and handling. Although it’s designed to handle all kinds of obstacles and weather, you still want to give it as much protection as possible while it’s parked outdoors. Car accessories like quality Toyota Camry car cover is the ideal option, but you don’t want to go with the first universal cover you come across.

Car Protective Covers

You need to look at custom car covers designed to withstand all kinds of weather. Consider these three options from California Car Cover.


The Superweave custom car cover comes in options available for the Toyota Camry and has a distinct lightweight design that also makes easy to fold up. It uses encapsulation technology inside the fabric for a soft touch on your car. It is UV-, water-, and weather-resistant, making it an ideal option for outdoor car storage, and it even comes in a variety of colors.

Superweave Premium

The Superweave Premium custom car cover is similar to the Superweave but offers even more sun protection. Although heavier and not quite as soft as the traditional Superweave, it is still gentle on any vehicle paint and can dry within 10 minutes of becoming wet. For optimal protection from all types of weather, the Superweave Premium is a great option.


The NOAH car cover from Kimberly Clark is one of the most water-resistant and dust-resistant options available. It is made from space age material that leaves the cover breathable yet durable. It consists of three layers that keep the cover porous to allow for evaporation yet is soft on paint and protects from theft, debris and dust on the outside. It is also heat-resistant, making it another ideal option for covering vehicles stored outdoors.

Start Your Search Today

For outdoor car storage, select custom car covers that are going to protect from sun, debris, dust, water, hail, and more. You want a cover with a few layers that is still breathable so it doesn’t trap any moisture. Check out the all weather selection available from California Car Cover for more options.

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