Surprising Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

use dry shampoo

Originally designed to refresh dirty hair in between washes, dry shampoo has become one of the most popular beauty products available on the market today. While the product was originally designed for use on dirty hair, it is a staple among beauty enthusiasts with a variety of hair types for numerous styling purposes. Whether you’re looking to revive flat hair or give your styled hair some extra texture and hold, dry shampoo is a necessity.

Best Ways to Use Dry Shampoo for Styling

Here are a few surprising ways you can use dry shampoo to make your hair look gorgeous everyday!

1. Extra Volume

Even when your hair is freshly washed, it can still fall flat. Give flat or thinning hair a boost with a few spritzes of dry shampoo! Whether your hair is naturally flat or just needs a little extra volume after wearing a helmet, spraying dry shampoo on your roots is the perfect solution. While all dry shampoos should work to add a little volume to your style, there are countless dry shampoos on the market today specifically designed to add volume to flat hair!

2. Added Texture

Want to add staying power to your styled hair, or need a little help getting the messy, bedhead look you desire? Many hairdressers recommend using dry shampoo as a texturizer. The product will give your hair a little extra hold, meaning that curls will stay put in your naturally straight hair over time. Additionally, texturizing dry shampoo is a great way to perfectly “mess up” your hair, giving you the perfect effortless, beachy style.

3. To Cover Roots

While some people associate dry shampoo with an unfortunate gray or white cast, there are dry shampoos on the market today that can match a variety of hair colors perfectly. This is not just great for seamlessly blending the product into your hair, but also for covering roots in between touch ups!


use dry shampoo

Simply find a dry shampoo that matches your desired hair color, spritz the product on your roots, and avoid rubbing or brushing it in. This is a great way to conceal grays or mismatched roots in between trips to the hairdresser – all while adding a little extra volume and texture to your hair!

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