How to Cover Tattoos For Work? Top 8 Easy Ways

how to cover tattoos for work

One of the reasons that many adults hesitate to get the tattoo of their dreams is the fear that they will find themselves in a workplace that does not encourage or allow visible tattoos. While most employers in 2024 understand that tattoos are a means of self-expression that does not affect one’s ability to do their appreciated job, some corporations expect professionals to hide tattoos while on the job.

Whether you’re dreaming about a tattoo but worried about consequences at work or are worried about changing career paths due to your number of visible tattoos, don’t worry – it is easier than ever before to cover tattoos for an extended period of time with the use of cosmetics, clothing, and more.

If you need to cover up your tattoo(s) for employment purposes, here are a few options.

1. Full Coverage Makeup to Hide Tattoos

how to cover tattoos for work

One of the most obvious and effective ways to cover up tattoos is with the use of makeup, such as heavy-duty foundations and concealers. Companies like KVD Beauty and Dermablend make full coverage products that are designed specifically for the use of covering tattoos; their products are water-resistant and intended to be worn for long periods of time, so you will be worry-free during a long workday.

Following are some makeup products that can help you hide tattoos perfectly for the workplace:

  • Orange color-correcting crayons that can hide the dark shade of the tattoo.
  • Primers that are close to your skin shade.
  • Full coverage, waterproof concealer that covers the tattoo in just one stroke.
  • Full coverage foundation as a base.

If you want to know how to cover tattoos for work without makeup, here are some easy tips to follow.

2. Long Sleeves to Cover Tattooed Arms and Hands

It is the most common way to solve the visibility issue of the tattoo. Since many people get tattoos in remembrance of someone close to their heart, they want a solution that can be reverted easily.

How to cover hand tattoos for work? It’s easy! You can get special tattoo cover-up sleeves from companies like Tat2X that are made of cooling fabric and grip the skin with an elastic band, keeping them in place for hours at a time. These are a great idea for those who would prefer to conceal their tattoos with clothing as opposed to a cosmetic product but want a little extra coverage or protection. These sleeves come in a variety of colors and sizes, so they can be customized to your skin tone and the size of the area you’d like to cover, and are safe for sensitive skin.

3. Use Cloth or Grow Hair Long to Cover Neck Tattoos

The quick answer to your question “How to cover neck tattoos for work?” is: Use any kind of fabric to hide it. It can be a turtle neck or silk scarf in cold temperatures. If you do not like these dressing options, you can also utilize makeup or bandanas to conceal neck tattoos. It will help you maintain a proper dress code in the office, and your tattoos will not be visible as well.

4. Cover Small Tattoos With Jewelry 

Small Tattoos With Jewelry

If you love jewelry, it might also help draw people’s attention away from your tattoos. You can wear bracelets, chokers, necklaces, rings, cuffs, and watches to hide the tattoos. However, you must take care of the dress code at your workplace. For example, rings with big gemstones and fancy bracelets might not be appreciated at work. So you can wear broad and minimal wristbands. 

5. Wear Long Boots and Socks

Tattoos on ankles and legs might be the easiest to hide. You can wear long boots, socks, shoes, and covered sandals to work, and no one will see the tattoos. Ankle boots and dress shoes are the best options to choose from. They not only look professional but effectively conceal the tattoos as well. 

Another easy way is to wear long pants in the first place. Then, you will not have to wear additional accessories. 

6. Blank Skin Sheets

These revolutionary products available from retailers like Amazon can be customized to match your skin tone and adhere to the skin like a bandaid. With a skin-like appearance, these sheets are used by tattoo artists to practice tattooing blank skin, but can also be used to conceal existing tattoos, especially in areas that will be partially covered by clothing as well. These sheets grip tightly to your skin, so they will last well during a long day of wear – just be warned that they might hurt a little coming off, similar to the feeling of ripping off a bandaid.

7. Try Tattoo Removal Creams

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Since the permanent ink of tattoos reaches the middle layer of your skin, these tattoo removal creams bleach the upper layer of skin to blur the tattoo.

These creams stay just on the top layer of the skin. They do not invade the skin. Hence, there are only some side effects. However, if the tattoo ink is darker, it might not remove it.

It can damage the skin tissues and cause serious concerns in some cases. Skin burns, redness, rashes, discoloration, and inflammation are some problems that you might face.

The correct method is to ask the professional before using any technique to remove tattoos. Different skin types are prone to different products.

8. Laser Tattoo Removal

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The laser technique is more precise, with minimum side effects and long-term benefits. If you want to get rid of tattoos permanently and your skin is not sensitive, laser is the best option for you.

In this technique, the focused beam heats the inked area and breaks the ink into pieces. It is then cleared away by the body’s immune system and fade the tattoo over time. They direct the laser beam on just the inked area and leave the other parts of the skin.

The process can be a little painful. But it only takes a few minutes. However, if you feel extreme pain, inform the doctor.


There are tons of ways to hide tattoos for work, like using makeup, jewelry, accessories, and clothing designs. It is completely up to your own styling choices and preferences to pick the ones that suit your requirements best.