Try These 6 Super Cool Hairstyles for Dry Frizzy Hair Today

Hairstyles for Dry Frizzy Hair

As the winter months approach, the cold, dry air begins taking a toll on the state of many people’s hair. For those who consistently use hot tools such as curling irons or straighteners or frequently dye or bleach their hair, the winter months can be especially damaging. They have to research several hairstyles for dry frizzy hair to pick the best one that suits them. And that’s something really tiring.

Whether you need your hair to be silky and shiny for an upcoming event or just want to style your hair easily before a long day, doing so can be difficult when the dry winter air makes your hair especially frizzy and unruly.

6 Best Hairstyles for Constantly Dry Frizzy Hair

Hairstyles for Dry Frizzy Hair

Here are some of the best hairstyles for dry, frizzy hair to keep you looking and feeling great all winter long.

1. Heatless Curls

Give your dry hair a break from heat styling and keep your locks looking shiny all day by trying out one of many heatless curling methods. Whether you opt to sleep in hot rollers or braid your hair for a few hours after a shower, there are countless methods of getting curly and wavy hair with no heat damage. Plus, styling your hair without heat over a longer period of time is the key to reviving dry, dead hair.

2. Add a Bandana

Style your hair with ease by adding a bandana to any look for an instant pop of color and a touch of personal style. This will not only conceal dry, frizzy hair and make your locks appear more uniform but will also work to effectively protect your hair from environmental factors such as wind and rain that can cause further dryness, frizz, and even tangles that lead to breakage.

3. Slicked Back Ponytail

A slicked-back ponytail not only looks elegant, professional, and all-around stylish, but it is one of the least damaging and most nourishing hairstyles for dry hair. Instead of slicking your hair back with a gel or harsh styling product, opt for a nourishing serum or hydrating oil. This will keep your look in place all day while also giving your hair a much-needed boost of moisture, so you can enjoy smooth and silky strands even after you take your ponytail out.

4. French Braided Headband

It won’t take long if you know how to make French braid. Plus, it looks stylish and trendy. After creating a side part, tie the back section in a ponytail or bun to stop it from disturbing your front braid. Then, tie a three-stranded braid bit by bit, taking the hair section by section. To add a final touch, tug on the side of the braid to create the illusion of the volume.

Finish the look by crossing the braid under the remaining hair and tuk it with the hairpin on the other side.

5. Waves and Bangs

Waves and bangs look natural hairstyles for curly frizzy hair because they seem subtle yet stylish. It also gives your hair a break from the tightened hairstyles in which hair is pulled and tugged, which might lead to hair loss.

With just a few bobby pins and textured spray, you can get a flowy hairstyle. Freshly shampooed, short hair works best for this style. Moreover, it is so low maintenance that you won’t need hours to style it.

6. Fishtail Braid

The Fishtail braid is one of the most neat and graceful hairstyles for frizzy hair. You can create it by blowdrying the hair first. Divide the hairs into just 2 halves and start by taking the thin hair section from the left side and tugging it under the right side of the hair.

Next, take the thin section from the right side and tug it under the left side. Tighten the sections to give it a more neat look. Always take the thinnest section of hair possible. Repeat the process until the end. Use a hair tie at the end of the braid.


If you’re worried about this style making your hair look greasy, opt for a small amount of serum or oil and build it up gradually to get the sleek look of hairstyles for dry frizzy hair. If you accidentally use too much, brush it through to distribute it throughout the length of your hair; this will also help to nourish dry ends.

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