Theater Show Down: The West End Vs Broadway


Theater Show Down

New York and London are world-renown travel destinations for a reason. Both have more history than a person could explore in one trip, and some of the planet’s best restaurants and attractions are in these cities. This is especially true if you’re a fan of theater. Millions make trips to these places just to see a live performance, with New York and London both boasting incredible theater districts that put on hundreds of musicals, operas, and plays every year. If you’re stuck deciding between West End and Broadway, here are a few tips to help you break the tie.

New York’s Broadway and London’s West End are both worth a visit. The neighborhoods are roughly the same size, with the former boasting 41 theaters and the latter boasting 40. Both districts also have lots of history to explore. Actors have performed on Broadway since 1904, and London’s West End has been a Mecca for theater since 1663. Even today, West End reports incredible attendance numbers. In 2016, 14.3 million people watched shows here.

Since both districts have lots of theaters, you’ll be spoiled for choice in either city. Classics like The Mousetrap and Phantom of the Opera are still performed to this day, and newer works are also worth the trip. Price, however, is often a deciding factor between these two areas. Shows on West End are about half the price of those on Broadway. If you need some more help deciding which district better suits you, check out some of the information available in this infographic.

Theater Show Down