Word of Advice For The Entrepreneur About to Quit

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Word of Advice For The Entrepreneur About to Quit

In life and business, most of us often hit a wall and feel there is no way around it. Budding entrepreneurs are having a hard time keeping a company afloat often feel like giving up. It is not because they are not resilient. It is usually because they have done all they know to do but things are not leveling out. If you’re in this position, know that you’re not alone in the struggle. Running a business alone is hard work and with discouragement from mistakes and others, giving up sometimes looks like the better option.

Before giving up, consider these two approaches.

Look at the challenges differently

Say you’re starting a unique venture that helps online casinos know about bitcoin taxation Canada laws to avoid penalties. One of the main challenges would be trying to secure clients who opt to go for larger organizations for the same services. That is a challenge that you ought to expect to be there until your business has picked up and you have made a name for yourself.

If you expect hurdles along the way, you won’t be weighed down by them. While this is mostly a life lesson, the same principle applies in business. Therefore, when another potential client passes you over for someone well-known, don’t take it personally. Instead of getting upset, move on swiftly and look for solutions. You would spend a lot less energy and emotion if you accepted that challenges are synonymous with a start-up. Every difficult presents you a unique opportunity to problem-solve.

Pro advice: Remember, there is no such thing as an overnight success. The media and social channels have limited times lots and usually skip the hardships out. Don’t take a summary version of someone’s story as the complete picture of what the entrepreneurial journey should be like.

Find you,entrepreneurial tribe

Running a business alone is hard. The aspect of not having anyone to talk to then makes the lows low. It is therefore why it is crucial that you find a community of entrepreneurs. They don’t have to be in your niche market. Some experiences are similar,and you’ll be accorded the unique opportunity to have an outsider give unbiased opinions about what you could be doing wrong and what can be improved.

Within the network you find, look for one or two people who have strong resolve to see through their business to be your accountability partners. They ought to be people who are driven by their “why” and have moved past the phase of wanting to give up. You need people “on the other side” to help you inch forward and overcome the feeling of giving up.

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