Transforming your Dull Home Office into an Inspiring Space

Home Office

Working from home requires that you be motivated enough to boss over yourself and stay on top of things. Of you are like me, your environment has everything to do with how productive you will be at while working at home. I found out recently that your home office could either motivate or demotivate you and so here are a few ideas for turning that space into a small productivity haven.

Bright Colors Ya’ll

I love color because it never fails to cheer me up. A little red here and bright yellow there make me feel all sunshiny even in the dead of winter. Bright colors don’t work for everyone and so you just need to find the hue that works for your mood. Once that is done, you can swiftly move on to furniture.

Views are everything

Whether you are an Injury lawyer or a creative writer who is motivated by their environment, you cannot neglect a nice view. Views give you fresh ideas and rejuvenate your mind without you knowing it. Look for a part of the room with a nice outdoor view and anything here goes as long as you will not be staring at a blank wall. Plants and nature are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

The Desk

Sculpted desks are not only beautiful but they could also boost your productivity. Get the perfectly curved desk that looks like a masterpiece and make it the center of your office. This view will not only impress your friends but it will also make you want to sit down more and work from there. The office accents are next on the list. How does aluminum sound? It not only brings a classic vibe but it also makes your room look more expensive that it is. Who wouldn’t want to work in such environment?

Homely Feel

Fill your space with love and warmth. Choose photos of loved ones that make your space look and feel personal like vases with fresh flowers every day and scented candles. Being as it is personal space in your home, you are free to decorate it with more liberty that you would do a normal office. Plants also make all the difference, don’t they?

Hide those Cords

Nothing is more unsightly and even dangerous like electric cords lying all over. Have someone fix them so well on the wall and the floor that no one can trip on them. Your office will be safer and neater that way. While at it, get rid of any device that is not in use. Clutter is not neat at all.

Lighting is all you need

Worry not if your room is only teeny tiny as there is no magic as that of proper lighting. Invest in lamps and a chandelier to not only change the look but also to illuminate perfectly so that the room looks bigger. That coupled with bright paint will make the room a delight to work in each day.

Have fun in your new space.

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