How to Get Small Business Financing for Start-Up


Starting a business takes patience, persistence, and lots of small business financing. If you have a business idea that you would like to implement, you may be wondering how you will finance it.

Since most new businesses will not qualify for a bank loan, you will have to be creative and find other ways to help you start your business. Here are 8 ways that you can score financing for your small business.

Small Business Financing

Get a Business Partner

Find people who are willing to invest in your business idea and offer them a stake in the business. A business partner can provide you with additional capital and ideas about how to make your business grow.

Before you ask people to invest in your business, you must create a business plan that details how your partners will earn income from your venture.

Sell Items in Your Home

Online classified

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Online classified and auction sites make it easy for you to sell items that you do not need. Do you have an old iPhone that you no longer use? Place an advertisement and sell it for cash.

Other items that people are looking for include game systems, tablets, furniture, jewelry, and tools. Take a look around your house and see what you can find to sell.

Ask a Family Member for a Loan

Do you have a wealthy relative who finds it impossible to decline your requests? Ask for a small loan to start your business. When you borrow money from a relative, you must proceed with caution. If you don’t repay the money, it can damage the relationship.

Get a Part-Time Job

There is no rule that states that you must work in your business on a full-time basis. Get a part-time job. Invest the income into your business until the business becomes profitable.

Become a Member of a Start-Up Incubator

Start-Up incubators have become popular within the past 5 years. Funded by universities and large companies, incubators provide budding entrepreneurs with resources such as consulting, office space, and money. You can join one of these groups for free.

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign


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Have you ever heard of Kickstarter and GoFundMe? They are popular ways for people to get money for their ideas and causes.

To get started, you will be required to register on a crowdfunding site and pitch your idea. In exchange for money, you can offer your donors a reward or the opportunity to pre-buy your item or service.

Use Your Credit Cards

Your credit cards provide a way for you to get cash advances. If you have a generous credit line, your credit cards can fund your business start-up.

Apply for Alternative Loans

One of the quickest ways for you to get cash within a few days is by exchanging your lien-free car title for cash. A title loan is a popular alternative lending solution that lets you keep your car and the loan cash. You can apply for a title loan at Bayboro Lending.

Being short on cash does not have to prevent you from funding your small business start-up. These tips can help you launch your business with ease.

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