Signs You Both Need Couple’s Counseling

Couple Counseling

Currently, the chances of marriages ending in divorce stand at 50 percent. That, with good reason, makes quite a number of modern couples shy away from signing this legal contract. It is no wonder you will find couples living together for years and not making their union formal. If you are in this space, however, it is not guaranteed that the relationship will not end up in a breakup.

Couple Counseling

It is not the marriage contract that is the problem; it is difference people tend to have that constitutes to the decline and eventual end of a union. For that reason, do not wait for things to be formalized for you to get help to navigate your relationship. Whether married or not, if you are both committed to each other, couple’s counseling is something you ought to consider if you experience any of the below in your relationship.

Fighting All the Time

While this is a visible indicator that you are in a problematic relationship, some people seem to underestimate the consequences. Having arguments all the time is an indicator of a more significant problem between both parties. It shows a lack of effective communication and inadequate knowledge of better ways to have disagreements. When you see a therapist, you both get equipped with the tools to communicate better and have fair fights.

You are Unable to Solve Issues

When the same things keep coming up, it is a sign that you are both keen on sticking to your guns. While everything is not about compromise, with therapy, you will learn to understand and respect where each person is coming from. Going round in circles is at best exhausting, so if you find you keep arguing about the same thing know that you need help to detangle the issue.

You have Cold Wars

While fights are apparent signs of a problematic relationship, the silent treatment is another tell-tale sign of the same. When you are at this stage, it shows that you have both given up on the idea of speaking the same language and have now resulted in silence. Again, with therapy, you are both able to understand each other communications styles. A typical example is a couple where one person likes resolving conflict on the spot, while the other prefers to think about it first. When you learn this, even if you end up arguing about seeing a salt cave Toronto flaunts while on tour, you can navigate the conversation better.

Parting Shot

If you see cracks in a relationship before marriage, don’t shy away from asking for help. It shows commitment to making things work, and that for the most part, makes all the difference.