5 Inexpensive Ways to Revamp your Business Premises

Business Premises

Have you ever stood outside your offices or retail outlet and realised that the overall impression leaves a lot to be desired? We all know how important image is in the world of business, and there are many ways to boost the appearance without having to take out a business development loan.

Revamp Business Premises

With that in mind, here are a few cost effective ideas to elevate your business premises a few notches.

1. The Car Park

car parking

The first thing to do is take a look at the surface, which has likely seen better days, and if it is in need of resurfacing, there are specialist companies who can give you a new layer of asphalt or concrete, and with affordable line marking in Melbourne, your car park will give your visiting clients the right impression. Not only that, clear line markings mean more cars can be parked, and that means more business, and with a few spaces for the disabled and a prominent pedestrian crossing point, your employees and visitors will certainly appreciate the renovation. Brilliant white or yellow are the colours of choice for car park lines, and with a professional application that can be carried out outside of regular business hours, the smooth running of your company will not be affected.

2. Wall Coating

If the building is of brick or stone construction, why not have a top quality wall coating applied? The range of colours will not fade, despite the best efforts of the harsh Australian climate, and apart from keeping the exterior in pristine condition, the added thermal insulation will help keep your offices cool in the summer and warm in the colder months. If you have aluminium siding or cladding, a water pressure cleaner will certainly make a noticeable difference, and by repainting the door and window frames, the exterior will surely turn heads.Wall coating is not as expensive as you might think, and when you consider how much protection it offers, it makes the proposal even more attractive.

3. Plant Some Trees

plant evergreen trees

There’s nothing like a little natural greenery to spruce up your place of business, and a trip to the local garden centre will give you a wide range of choices, and with evergreen trees, you have no problems with shedding leaves, which can really be a nuisance. Hanging baskets in the right places will also add a touch of homeliness, and if you haven’t already hired a local landscaper to maintain the grounds, for what it costs, this will really make a difference.

4. New Signage

The company signage should always be prominent, and anything less than perfect is not an option. Lightboxes with spent tubes or signs with missing letters should quickly be replaced, and if you’re not entirely satisfied with what you currently have, talk to a professional sign creator, who can certainly design something suitable.

5. Window Tints

Aside from keeping the direct sunlight at bay, applying window tints to all the glass surfaces will definitely add appeal. This will also save on energy and taking the eco-friendly path will make your customers realise that you lead by example, and by discussing your options with a local supplier, there’s bound to be something just right for your premises.

Money spent on revamping the exterior of your business premises is always a good investment, and none of the above ideas would be that costly, and if your budget stretches that far, why not implement all 5 of the above suggestions?

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