Office Jewelry: Everything a Girl Should Have

Office Jewelry

Dressing for work can be tricky, requiring forethought on both an outfit and accessories. While covering outfits is a separate topic, you should choose an understated piece of jewelry to wear to the office. You want something that conveys elegance and professionalism while being comfortable and low-maintenance. Of course, your work environment may limit your options. For instance, a conservative law firm might limit you to just stud earrings or a mundane ring whereas an art studio might encourage wearing as many statement pieces as you can manage.

A quick hack to wear office jewelry is that “three is the limit.” Anything beyond a watch, wrist pieces, rings, earrings or a delicate chain is likely overkill for the office. Provided below are several jewelry choices to help you keep stylish at work. Give this style guide a read and see if they do not inspire confidence and poise.

Wear Office Jewelry: Everyday Office

With everyday office options, ditch accessories before leaving for work. Go for either a necklace or some earrings. If possible, leave both to avoid coming off as showy.

  • The engagement rings are fine.
  • Avoid fashionable or heavy jewelry. However, a nice solitaire diamond jewelry adds some elegance to everything you wear.


You want to be subtle during an interview and, barring something involving the fashion industry. So, focus on your speech more than your looks. Go for a minimal look-nothing more than daily earrings and an engagement or wedding ring. Since an interview is all about communication, big hoop earrings, and loud aesthetics can distract your interviewer from your answers. Favor precious jewelry over fashionable pieces; no jewelry is always preferable to loud or cheap pieces. Be mindful of your earring size especially if you need to handle a lot of customers or questions from clients.

Business Meetings

Accessories are great for helping you stand out among the rest and can help establish your personality. The third tip to wear office jewelry for a meeting is to understand the meeting’s purpose. Once you know what people will be discussing, you can dress accordingly. A board meeting with senior-level execs calls for a very different look than a casual meeting with your coworkers. You can always rely on small stud earrings and bracelets as they can be useful if you will be using a lot of hand gestures.

Wear Office Jewelry: Formal Events/Dinners

Think about the way you dress up during meetings and presentations as it helps convey confidence, especially when meeting with clients. Consider investing in an elegant wristwatch, or a low-key (gold or a gold-plated) bracelet.

Office Parties

These are the events when you pull out the statement pieces. Pick one statement piece to outshine your other jewelry. Remember, avoid wearing rings on every finger.

Today’s office looks are about playing with jewelry pieces while staying professional. Your goal is to feel comfortable and confident. Jewelry makes or breaks your corporate impression. So, it should be used to create a positive one.