5 Ways that 5G Networks are Going to Change How We Live

5G Networks

You may think that going from 4G to 5G will be like going from iPhone 10 to iPhone 11. There may be some nice new features and functions, but essentially the same smartphone. If yes, well, think again! There are many ways that 5G networks will change our lives forever.

The shift from 4G to 5G networking will categorically change how we live in a number of areas. It will also be a massive turning point in the history of technology. Such as pre-telephone vs. post-telephone, and pre-web vs. post-web. Here are five seismic shifts that we can look forward to thanks to 5G networks:

Here come the holographs

If you’ve seen Star Trek, then you know how easily folks on a space station chat with a holographic rendition of their friends. In the coming years, 5G networks will make holographic communication as accessible as having a video conference is today.

Connected homes take flight

IoT-driven “connected homes” have been around for several years. However, one of the biggest drawbacks to mainstream adoption has been bandwidth capacity, costs, and availability. 5G networks will tackle all of these obstacles, and eventually, connected homes will be the norm rather than the exception. Just imagine, nobody will ever run out of coffee again. Because their IoT coffee machine will automatically place an order, deliver and wait in a lockbox at the door. 

5G networks will make cars driverless (literally)

We all know that current versions of driverless cars have rather shaky safety records. However, a whopping 95% of current traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities are caused by human error. With 5G, driverless cars will become a reality, which should mean a better, safer experience for everyone. And by the way, for car lovers who treasure accessories like a high-performance corsa exhaust for a sweet Ford Raptor Sport: don’t worry, not all driverless cars will be boring and generic. Some will be sleek and stylish.

Goodbye isolated remote workers, hello virtual co-workers

More and more people are working remotely. However, some of them feel isolated and “out of the loop” — which can lead to disengagement, and it can also reduce productivity and performance. 5G networks will unleash a whole new era of remote working, as workers in different places will visually appear to work in the same space. Just imagine: someone in New York City could virtually sit side-by-by with someone working in New Delhi.

One of the ways 5G networks will change our lives is Telemedicine

One of these ways that 5G networks will change our lives is through Telemedicine. Telemedicine has been around for several years. However, the emergence of 5G will take this option to the next level. Not only will patients be able to have confidential consultations with holographic doctors, specialists, and other health care professionals, but they will wear a variety of IoT devices to transmit key medical information in real-time such as blood pressure, heart date, and so on. The end result promises to be the delivery of more health services that improve and save more lives.