What Parents Should Know About Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation

Under supervised visitation, a parent is permitted to visit their child under the supervision of a social worker or family member. There are certain things that parents should know about supervised visitation. For instance, under supervised visitation, you visit your child at a child care center, your home, or any other appointed visitation facility. Learn why supervised visitation exists and how to get supervised visitation removed.

Some reasons for a supervised visitation order include confirmed or alleged drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. It has a two-fold purpose:

  1. Provide a safe environment for the child
  2. Support child and parent communication

About the Process of Supervised Visitations

A judge will order the arrangements, and decide when your child will visit you at your home. Otherwise, you will arrive at a court-appointed visitation center. Either way, the judge names the person responsible for supervising the visits in a structured environment. Usually, a social worker or counselor supervises the visitation.

Things To Know About Supervised Visitation: How Long Will Supervised Visitation Judgments Last?

Whether the supervised visitation order is temporary or long-term depends on the reason for the order. For example, in the case of domestic violence or abuse, a judge may make an indefinite supervised visitation order. So, a judge may issue a temporary supervised visitation order while the allegations are being investigated.

A judge may order ongoing visitation in a not-fit-for-custody determination. Supervised visitation continues until you can show that you’re rehabilitated and have changed for the better. In the case of substance abuse, successfully completing a rehab program is a good way of demonstrating a positive change in yourself.

Things To Know About Supervised Visitation: How Does the Court Order Get Updated?

Another important thing parents should know about supervised visitation is that order for child custody and parental visitation remains effective until the parent can prove suitability. For example, during a supervised visitation order, if you moved out of your state, it will be called ‘a change of circumstances’. So, to update the court order, you request the court to modify the order. Similarly, upon finishing a counseling or rehabilitation drug program, update the court about the improvement in your condition. Making these types of efforts and following through alters a parent’s mental and physical health in a good way.

Some Additional Information That Parents Need to Understand

The main reason for supervised visitation is to ensure children’s’ safety. It also gives the parent a legal right to visit their child. In this case, think carefully about how you can prove that you have made a favorable transformation. Determine what you can do to show the judge how your life is continually moving in the right direction. The court needs to know the steps you have taken to strengthen the security of your child. Always work with the investigation, being in cooperation with the judge’s order. Furthermore, if your child’s safety is at risk while being around the other parent, let the judge know right away.