Tips on How to Buy a Motorcycle Jacket for Men?

Motorcycle Jacket

We all know that motorcycle has always remained a passion for men. Whether we talk about amateurs or men who are passionate about this vehicle, even those who need it to fulfill their daily necessity, motorcycle apparel is what every bike rider should invest in- a safety that you should never ignore. Because, when you ride a motorcycle, you expose yourself to a danger of an accident. When we talk about safety, the most important thing is to buy a motorcycle jacket. You would find different types of jackets in market, and think it is easy to just hit a sports apparel shop, and select a jacket of your size. However, it is not that easy to find the right fit for you, neither you need to fret about it if you don’t find one easily, because today we are going to share few tips on how can you find the right men’s motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle Jacket for Men

1. Your Riding Style Comes First!

Your style is what you should consider before you buy a jacket. You might find yourself comfortable in one-piece suit or a two-piece motorcycle suit. Let’s see what is this actually all about?

One-Piece Suit: One-piece suit is chosen to protect your full body, fitting to your skin. One-piece suit is most suitable for racers, who love to race their bikes.

Two-Piece Suit: Two-piece suit gives an open option to bikers. It becomes your choice whether you want only a jacket, or jacket and pants both. We recommend this for those men who are casual riders, and don’t want to find themselves get stuck with limited option of one-piece suit. So, whether you head to your work or go one a leisure ride, you can easily replace your jacket to your everyday jacket or coat.

2. When it Comes to Material, Choose the Best Quality Jacket:

With several options available there is no wonder that bikers find it difficult to choose which material they should go for? Their question is valid and based upon the fact that quality of the material puts a great impact on safety. Having said that there are three different types of material for this kind of apparel: Leather, Textile and Leather and Textile Material:

  • Leather Motorcycle Jackets are of superior quality and highly resistant to abrasion. This protects your body from injury during an accident. You should buy a jacket which is 1 to 1.1 millimeters thick. But if you go for a goat leather, pick at least 1.4 millimeters thick jacket.
  • Textile Jackets are usually made up of high quality Nylon, Polyester, Kevlar or Cordura. Textile jackets are lighter in weight as compared to leather ones. Jackets with these materials give best protection against moisture, and cold; and are excellently breathable.
  • Leather and Textile Jackets are becoming more popular among motorcyclists and are a wise option among all types. This is mainly because it gives a good balance of protection and breathability. The leather covers the vulnerable parts of body such as shoulders, bottom, arms and upper back. The textile parts of the jacket help preventing moist and sweating.

3. Check the Age of Jacket Before You make a Payment:

The older the model of jacket is; the lesser it offers safety. So, when you buy a jacket, make sure it is not an old one. Because, today, jackets are designed to be safer than the jackets manufactured few years ago.

4. Your Jacket’s Color is Part of Your Safety:

Black is the most commonly used color among riders. It may look stylish and cool, but think again when you pick a jacket in terms of your safety. Black color becomes invisible or least visible in a low-light environment. So, chances become higher that you become prone to an accident. So, there is no harm in keeping the color factor second to the safety. You can pick a jacket with neon colors on front and back such as reflective green, yellow or orange.

5. Don’t Select a Jacket Without Protectors:

As we have mentioned above, no feature of a jacket is above your safety, so, pick a jacket which has protectors. By protectors, we mean protective padding on arms, chest and the back of your jacket. Mainly, there are two levels of protectors, CE1 and CE2; CE2 is better option. You can grab these jackets at

So, keeping in mind these factors, find the one which you feel most comfortable in.