Giving Yourself Motivational Pep Talks on Dark Days

Motivational Pep Talks

Life offers everyone the opportunity to question their capabilities and self-worth. The feeling itself is less than ideal, ranging from sadness to depression, but the good thing is that we can move past it and give yourself some motivational pep talks. Everyone can relate to a time where they felt so bad about something that happened, or they did that they did not want to get out of bed. The reasons for that vary. For one person it could be messing up a precooked frozen chicken wings order and for another wound be losing a parent.

Importance of Motivational Pep Talks

It would be unfair to judge the intensity of what puts someone down against another because we are all vastly different. Animations such as Coco give one perception of death. For another, the belief that there is no life after death could put them in a higher frame of despair. Though that is an extreme example of dark days, we need to understand that everyone will not approach them the same.

Where is Your Mind?

We cannot negate mental illness. It is debilitating and carries with it a heaviness that people find hard pressed to understand. However, there are things, whether mildly or clinically depressed, that you can consider doing to remove yourself from a funk. One reality that a person soon realizes in their bid to move forward is that for the most part, they have to overwrite their feelings.

The saying that misery does indeed love company should be an indication of how easy it is to remain in a bad mood instead of rising above it. However, when you are having a dark day, one thing you have to tell yourself is “I am willing to see things differently.” The reason this is a powerful statement is it gives people the chance to entertain the idea that what they are thinking is not the entire picture. For someone who is particularly having a hard time, that is a welcomed idea.

The Pep Talk

Once you admit to yourself that what you are thinking about is perhaps not the full picture, you open up your mind to remember what is fantastic about you. The fact that you are self-aware and can entertain a different though- that in itself is a commendable act. Initially, if you aren’t used to it, you will have a difficult time expressing what you like about you. Don’t stop; just like a muscle, you will learn with time and practice to appreciate the big and small things you do that matter and can brighten up your days. Just don’t stop trying.