Five Tips for When You’d Instead Doing Nothing

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Five Tips for When You’d Instead Doing Nothing

Unproductivity is no stranger to most of us. Most people do eventually get out of it, primarily due to looming deadlines. If to accelerate this period, there are some tricks discussed below you can try. Sometimes, we have to push ourselves when we would much rather waste time actively.

Instead Doing Nothing

Just Start

This first tip requires sheer willpower to begin typing a document you much rather would do at another time. For a few seconds you will want to give up, but not paying heed to the need to do something else will get you into the flow. In some cases, you need to start for the feeling to want to work on something to return.

Strike a Bargain

There are tasks that we find needless in our work. Those are typically the ones we would instead not engage in. Think about an email about insurance for condo rental property that you think will be complex to address. Here, think of a task you would rather do. After, opt strictly only work on it when you are done with the difficult task. Alternatively, promise you’ll get or do something nice for yourself; that cream donut or walk in the park should motivate you.

Eat the Frog First

The concept is original in dealing with procrastination. When you get the worst out of the way, you are free to have a much pleasant day. You will likely find that a few tasks are getting in the way of larger ones just because you’d rather be on Instagram than work. Another aspect this is a lesson in delayed gratification. You are doing yourself a favor when you do things you don’t like so you can get to those you do. One can go a step further to say that discipline is an act of self- love.


If you have something important to do but still opt to laze around, it is a sign of lack of focus. Ask yourself tough questions about what’s going on. Is it an act of self-sabotage? Do you no longer find meaning in what you do? Are others affecting your performance? Finding a reason for wanting to do nothing refocuses and helps you get the job done.

Remember the Money

While passion for what you do is essential, being able to pay bills outranks it. Consider the ways that you could lose your job from underperformance. What if they overlook you for the promotion because your supervisor does not think you’re productive? Think of all the things that you could do with the salary as well. What are you saving up for? Money, though not the best motivation, is still enough to get us moving.

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