If The Shoe Fits, Take A Holiday

take a holiday

We’ve all at one point gravitated toward the travel channel or website and looked through pictures of sceneries of a different part of the world. Being sucked into a fantasy happens almost instantly until the realities of your present duties come calling. There are of course reasons why our employers have to give us vacation days, but some people tend not to know when to take them. Read through and let us know if you’re in need of a holiday, and soon.

Constantly thinking about work

Always thinking, talking or even glancing at emails when not a work is perhaps a sign that your work-life balance is off. Weekends are typically down times. If you’re not having those, then it’s an indication that you should take time off to assess what’s important to you in life.

Sleeping is a struggle

A mind that is always on and thinking about work’s problems then is one that won’t let you sleep. If you’re awake for most of the night, tossing and turning, then it’s an indication of an underlying problem. Being stressed and overworked can leave your body in a state that won’t let you shut off and sleep. In that case, take a holiday with the sole purpose of forgetting work and getting enough rest.

Waking up in a panic and dread the day

If your life is average, then you know the television shows depicting a person jolting upright in a frenzy thinking they are late for work is real. If you’re always in a panic state in the morning and feel overwhelmed by the dread of the day ahead, then it might be a sign that you need a break to reset.

You’re dropping the ball

Even with the constant obsession with work and sleepless nights, you’re making more mistakes. Studies show fatigues is a significant cause of work-related injuries. When the mind is not functioning at optimum, critical thinking and even apparent things become harder to do.

Friends and family are complaining

When you meet them, you’re always tired and zoned out. You stopped showing up for events and didn’t return calls and messages. Upon their inquiring, the reason you give is that you’re busy. Apart from it being an indication that your priorities are not entirely in order, it makes been a call to take time off to reflect. It requires being in a place where the only available option is relaxation and being present.


Perhaps the most telling fact that you need a holiday is that your enjoyment for life has faded. You are irritable, your sense of humor is diminished, and you seem to be growing discontented with your life. Don’t wait for a breakdown to step away.

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