3 Best Tips for Moving with Pets: Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Your Furry Friends

Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home with Mike Hammer Moving can be exciting, but there is no denying that it can be a stressful venture for all members of your family – including your pets. Pets, whether cats, dogs, or other companions, may find the process of moving to a new home can be disorienting and overwhelming; luckily there are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure a smooth transition into your new space for both you and your pets. Keep reading for 3 simple, expert approved tips to simplify the process of moving with pets.

How to Move with Pets Stress-Free | An Ultimate Guide

Moving with Pets

1. Prepare in Advance

Start the moving process by preparing your pets well in advance. Animals thrive on routine, and disruptions can cause stress. Maintain their regular feeding and walking schedules as much as possible. Gradually introduce packing supplies, moving boxes, and the general chaos of moving into their environment. Allow pets to explore these items to help them acclimate to the changes. If possible, visit the new home with your pet before the move, letting them sniff around and get familiar with the new surroundings.

2. Create a Comfortable Safe Space for Pets

On a moving day, create a designated and secure area for your pets away from the hustle and bustle. This could be a quiet room with their familiar toys, bedding, and food. Ensure that the room is well-ventilated and escape-proof. This not only keeps your pets safe but also minimizes the chances of them getting stressed amid the commotion. Once you arrive at the new home, set up a similar safe space to help them acclimate to their new environment gradually. Familiar scents and belongings will provide a sense of security during this transitional period.

3. Update Identification and Vet Records

Before moving, update your pet’s identification tags with the new address and contact information. If your pets have microchips, inform the microchip company of your change in address. Additionally, obtain a copy of your pet’s veterinary records and vaccinations. Research veterinarians in your new area and, if possible, schedule a check-up shortly after moving. Knowing that your pet is healthy and their information is up-to-date provides peace of mind during the moving process.


Moving with pets requires thoughtful planning and consideration. By preparing your pets in advance, creating a safe space during the move, and ensuring their identification and health records are updated, you can minimize stress for both yourself and your animal companions. With a little extra care, your pets can transition smoothly into their new home, making the moving experience a positive one for the entire family.