Current Solutions For Problems That Occur With Age

Current Solutions For Age Problems

Let’s face it, the more years that get put under your belt, the more health problems that are likely going to surface. There are many ways to alleviate this, (exercise, proper nutrition, getting plenty of sleep, etc.) but statistically, the majority of humans will eventually start to notice problems with their bodies: bones, muscles, joints, it’s all fair game for father time. Thankfully, the 21st century and its bevy of medical advancements have helped cure and alleviate many ailments we face. Here are three common medical problems and some current solutions for them.

Sore Knees

Knee Pain Current Solutions For Problems
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Our knees take punishment every single day. Whether it’s from walking, bending down, sitting at a desk, driving our car, or just from being under the effects of gravity, our knees will start to wear down over time. The cartilage in our joints (a strong and smooth protective tissue) deteriorates over time and not much can be done about it. Thankfully, a few medical options have been made available. Cortisone injections, or steroid shots, are a way to alleviate inflammation and swelling: getting regularly scheduled injections can help alleviate this pain. Also, stem cell therapies are a new treatment. Taking your body’s own stem cells and injecting them into your body, the stem cells can transform and replace your damaged cells in a successful usage.

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Erectile Dysfunction

E.D. (erectile dysfunction) is nothing to be embarrassed about: around 25% of men will face issues pertaining to this annoyance. However, many new medical treatments — some not even needing a doctor’s visit — are available. Common E.D. medications such as Viagra and Cialis have competition with similar and more affordable products such as Blue Chew and other mailable products. Also, new treatments such as shockwave therapy can help stimulate blood flow, alleviating this condition. If you would like more information about shockwave therapies for counteracting erectile dysfunction, contact the medical professionals at ThriveMD today.

Fading Memory

Playing Game Current Solutions For Age Problems
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Another common problem that most of us will face is some form of memory loss or cognitive decline. It’s a worrying prospect in a field where there is still more information to be learned; however, there are some things that can be done to keep the memory loss at bay for longer. Common health advice such as regularly exercising, keeping your brain active (puzzles, crosswords, board games), and getting enough sleep are great ways to combat this: the healthier the body is, the better it can be to fight deterioration. Also, some studies show that learning a musical instrument or another language can be surprisingly effective against memory loss and cognitive decline.

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