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What to Know About Becoming A Local Guide

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What to Know About Becoming A Local Guide

Travel has opened avenues for people to make extra cash, and one of those ways is through becoming a local guide. There are several avenues to do so, with being a Google Local Guide being one of them. Otherwise, you can partner with local tour companies and offer to become a guide. An example is organizing a slam tour in developing countries or taking people through a town rich in heritage.

Why becoming a local guide?

The primary reason to enroll to be a local guide is to share feedback about a place. Google has come up with an information sharing system to make Maps more effective. If your location settings are always on, you’ll notice a prompt to share more information about a place. After visiting an infrared sauna Toronto boasts, Google will be quick to ask you a few questions about the area. While that is an example, you can do the same through your site or partnering with a local tourist company.

How to go about it

Being a tour guide doesn’t always mean you have to take people around. You can share information online of all the place tourist should consider visiting. Don’t only highlight tourist attractions; you want to give visitors fuller experiences of the place they’re in. Therefore, consider adding location with the best anything. It can be anything you’re interested in you don’t have to limit yourself.

Sharing aspects such as the best places to have a sun downer, or where to find the best samosas are all useful information. It is easier to share from a site of genuine interest. It also motivates you to step out and discover more places so that you can create an entire list. When you’ve reached guru status, consider creating a tour, with stops and everything included. You can share the itinerary for free, or you can have people sign up for you to take them.

What you need

Photographs are an excellent way to create your tour guide profile. Everywhere you’ve been, aim to capture unique aspects about the place. Adding menus to your photo collection is also another way to up your profile, along with making recommendations for what to go for. You can write recommendations and rate places. Go the extra mile to say what you liked and didn’t so that visitors can be psychologically prepared.

The way forward is being as informative as you can. Remember to be kind as well; make your critique helpful even when there are aspects you weren’t pleased about.

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