3 Tips To Help You Settle In A New Neighborhood


Depending on your new location and your general feeling about meeting new people, moving can either be an exciting experience or a bad one. You feel like you’re in high school all over again. What’s the neighborhood like? How do the residents react to new people? Are there individuals and places to avoid? Is it safe?

New Neighborhood

You could mind your business and move in quietly to avoid attention, or you could get over with the newness and blend in within the first week. Say you settle in and go around your business with as little interaction as possible. What happens when you need some help?

You don’t want to be the neighbor that seemed unfriendly from the start! Getting your neighbors to like you from the beginning may go a long way in creating ties that you could use in the future. Here are a few tips you could use to claim your neighborhood as your own:

Move-In Day

Chances are, moving day is going to be slightly (or a significantly) chaotic. The moving truck will attract the attention of the neighbors, and one or two may come along to say hello and welcome you into the area. You’re probably tired from all the planning, organizing, and moving – no matter what you’re feeling, be gracious and respond to the greetings pleasantly. First impressions are everything!

Also, while you may not control all the noise that will come with your new move, try and minimize it as much as you can. Avoid blocking your neighbors’ driveways with your moving truck and van or letting your boxes clutter the entire curb. When you are done moving in, make sure you’ve cleared any trash outside.

Meeting The Neighbors

You’ve finally settled in, and you have a minute or two to spare. Walk around and thank the neighbors who welcomed you and came by to give you a hand. Know your immediate neighbors and introduce yourself (and your family, if you moved in with them).

You could ask about the neighborhood; where the stores are, the restaurants they’d recommend, things you should keep in mind – like when to take out the trash – make small talk and be friendly. If you want to throw a housewarming party, knowing your neighbors personally beforehand can help you have a feel on whether you are ready to welcome them into your house or just your backyard.

Immerse Yourself In The Community

After having a bearing on your neighbors, it’s time to join the community. Find out what activities and groups are around. Walk around and ask about the schools, games, get-togethers, churches, parks – you never know if you may need the local family law court around the corner!

If you have kids, you can encourage them to make new friends. Have a family day out, and you may meet other parents out with their kids; take that as an opportunity to introduce your families to each other. If you have a pet, it’s even better! Take a stroll and look for a nearby dog park and you’ll have a few neighbors stopping and petting your dog while you strike up a conversation.