Why You Should Visit Saint Lucia

Visit Saint Lucia

The Caribbean has tourist spoilt for choice. With 7,000 islands to choose from, it is quite overwhelming to know where to go. Activities and pricing are of course factors that help you narrow down, but what we visit Saint Lucia today. From the Pitons to the volcanic beaches, this island is one of the most recognizable in the Caribbean. If you’re looking to have the best of both worlds, take time off your family law act consultancy or software engineering job and enjoy.

Visit Saint Lucia

One-of-a-kind scenery

What stands out about this island is visible are you are making a landing- The Pitons. These are volcanic peaks planes have to maneuver when getting to the international airport. Even from far, they look like something out of island-based movies. To some, even something that cannot quite possibly be in nature because it appears too perfect.

The coastlines are equally something of a marvel. They speak for the harmony between lush vegetation, the Pitons, and bays, all cover graced with excellent volcanic beaches. The turquoise waters are a marvel up close, but drone lovers will have wallpapers good images to last them a lifetime just from the aerial view.

Fantastic views are not limited to the beachside

While Sugar Beach is the most recognizable resort in Saint Lucia, there are equally incredible places you can stay at if you don’t mind taking a short trip to the beach. If you love the peace and serenity of the Pitons bring (they are a World Heritage Site), then you can move inland. The hillsides and the drive down give you the ultimate island feel that most people chase when heading to the Caribbean.

If you do wish to more than enjoy the view, you can also opt for a hike. You can get better shots of the landscape from these higher views. The weather is pretty much the same all year round; therefore choose to take the hike when there is the promise of clear weather. Equally, flying through the canopies is another activity you can enjoy.

Marine life

The Anse Piton marine reserve near the Villa Piton provides you with a snorkeling experience you will equally remember for life. There tons of sea creatures that you do not get to see much, including little squids and the trumpet fish. They live in peaceful coexistence in the reef, and you need to go too far to enjoy marine life. Equally, at Petit Piton one can enjoy night dives and explore wrecks where different sea animals, octopus, and crustaceans included have made a home.

Wrap up

Ultimately, their rum, chocolate, festivals, and exotic tours are the icing to the cake of what an experience at Saint Lucia will be like.