How to Finally Say No to Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Four years ago when I decided to get serious about my health, I had no trouble saying no to unhealthy foods. Well, I struggles a little bit but it feels like I got used to eating clean faster than now. I fell off the wagon, gained a few pounds – close to ten – and then decided to start all over again. It hasn’t been easy this time, and so I sought to get to the bottom of it.

Quit Unhealthy Eating Habits

This article is meant to help those of use –I included – struggling to get back to healthy eating.

Stock up on Healthy Options

This has to be the best advice I got so far and it is working perfectly. I like 8 floors up and so the thought of going down every time to get some unhealthy meal is not very appealing. I stock up on healthy options including broccoli and carrots, which has reduced my chances of eating anything unhealthy. Slowly but surely, my cravings for wheat are diminishing.

Whole Grain in Moderation is a Good Thing

I love wheat – flat bread to be precise. I can’t seem to shake it off and even though it is not the ‘devil,’ it is derailing my fitness journey. Since my motto on the journey of fitness is to make this a lifestyle and not a life sentence, I have swapped processed flour for whole grain so that I can keep enjoying my flat read without ruining my efforts.

Walking lots Never Hurt Anyone

The other day I needed to go to a cell phone repair shop in Etobicoke that is 30 minutes away according to Google maps. Well. I decided to brave it and walk all the way then come back by train. Ended up walking back home and guess what, I am still here! I am always working out in the gym, running on the treadmill as my cardio, but I am totally thinking of substituting those runs with walks a few days of the week. Refreshing and easy on the knees too.

It’s the Nutritional Value in your Food that Matter

I used to obsess over clean eating to the extent that would hardly throw in a cheat meal. Well, the advantage in doing this is the fact that you see results faster, but the downside is in keeping up with it. I downloaded and got acquainted with MyFitnessApp to help me track all my meals. Now I know the nutritional value of my food and I can flex my meal plan  accordingly.

Also, including gut-friendly foods to your diet such as apple cider vinegar and kefir will do your digestive system a lot of good. The gut will extract nutrients more efficiently as well as build a stringer immune system.

Conquer the Mind

It all starts with the decision to get better and the rest will follow. When you conquer your mind, you can achieve anything else. Also be easy on yourself and allow the thought that failing does not mean you are weak.