What Qualities Do Recruiters Look For in Manufacturing Candidates?

Recruiting for Manufacturing

If you’ve always worked in the manufacturing industry or if you are searching for new career opportunities, then it’s important to know what recruiters look for if you want to qualify as a high-quality candidate. Whether you are interested in working in an entry-level position or you want to manage or supervise operations, there are a few qualities that recruiters typically look for before hiring new candidates to take on the job.

Crafting the Perfect Team: Strategies for Recruiting in Manufacturing

Recruiting for Manufacturing

1. Ambition

While 76% of employees and job seekers stated that diversity was important when considering job offers, according to LinkedIn, most recruiters are seeking those who are not only willing to work but also ambitious and driven to do so each day. Ambition is one of the most sought-after qualities any hiring recruiter will tend to look for when they are interested in bringing in new candidates for a job. If an individual does not seem ambitious or excited about working, then a recruiter is likely to move on to the next applicant.

2. Optimism

In the United States, there are approximately 12.5 million manufacturing workers, which ultimately accounts for 8.5% of the country’s total workforce at this time. If you want to work in the manufacturing industry, then you should go into it with plenty of optimism, as there are many positions and roles available, depending on your skills, abilities, and willingness to learn. When you appear optimistic and open-minded to a recruiter who is interviewing you and getting to know more about you, you are much more likely to land a position you’re interested in.

3. Focus

Focus and commitment are essential qualities to keep in mind if you have plans to work in the manufacturing industry, regardless of your job experience and the type of work you want to find. Recruiters who interview manufacturing applicants need to ensure that candidates are qualified and focused enough to take on the tasks at hand. When it comes to handling machinery or even risky equipment, focus is one of the most important qualities you will need to retain and present at all times, even during the interview process.

4. Communication

Communication is also imperative when you want to work in manufacturing, regardless of the position you are trying to fill. In the United States, non-salaried, nonexempt employees make up 58% of the total workforce. During the interview process, communicating your needs in terms of salary or hourly pay along with benefits is highly recommended. The better you communicate your needs and demands, the easier it will be for you to find a recruiter who will seek a position that is just right for you.

5. Reliability

Demonstrating reliability by showing up to an interview on time, submitting necessary documentation as requested, and providing verifiable references can all go a long way when you want to work in the field of manufacturing. Reliability is key to working in manufacturing, especially when it comes to turning in parts and products on time or when working and running multiple machines in a central location simultaneously.

6. Accountability

Having the ability to take accountability for your actions while working on the job is also essential when you’re interviewing recruiters or hiring managers. Responsibility, reliability, and accountability all matter if you want to land the manufacturing position of your dreams, especially if you’re interested in a high-level job.


Anytime you are thinking of working in the manufacturing industry, you should take the time to ensure you’re properly prepared in terms of experience when it comes time for your job interview. Understanding which qualities are likely to stand out to manufacturing recruiters is essential if you want to increase your odds of receiving a callback or being offered a position. The more actively engaged you are with professionally presenting yourself during an interview, the easier it will be for you to land a job at the manufacturing business or company of your choice.