3 Ways to Make Your Busy Mornings Easier

how to make mornings easier

The way that you spend your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. For the majority of working adults, mornings are busy and full of stress, as there is often a lot to do and very little time to do it all. If this sounds like your situation, don’t worry – here are 3 simple things you can do to make your busy mornings easier.

Prep Before Bed

how to make mornings easier

To make things go smoothly in the morning, prepare as much as you can before bed. Shower before bed and set your hair in a style that will last until the morning, to reduce grooming time. Lay out your outfit in advance so that you can slip it on in the morning without thought. Prep your lunch box after cooking dinner so that you can grab it on your way out the door in the morning. Also, don’t forget to go to bed early! This is one of the best ways to prepare for the next morning before going to bed, as getting a good night’s sleep will make it easier for you to wake up in the morning and keep those eyebags away.

Make a To Do List

To avoid feeling frazzled in the morning, make a to-do list of the things you need to accomplish or remember before going to bed. This will give you a clear list to follow, so that you can spend your time in the most efficient way possible. As an added bonus, this is likely to help you sleep a little easier since you won’t be worrying as much about all of the possibilities of things you need to do in the morning or whether or not you will accomplish them. Rest easy knowing you will be able to follow your list!

Take Breakfast to Go

If finding the time to eat in the morning is an added stressor, simplify your meals and find items that you can take on the go. Eating things like granola bars, oatmeal cups, or protein shakes in the morning can give you all of the nutrients you need and keep you full all morning long – plus, these are all items that can be easily taken with you on the go. Eating during your commute or taking your breakfast to the office is one of the biggest ways to save time in the morning.


Following these simple steps will not only make you more efficient in the morning but also lead to an overall improvement in your mood and health no matter how busy your schedule is.