Caffeine Dependency is Real-Learn How to Cope

caffeine dependency

If you can’t start your day without coffee, you aren’t alone! Many adults around the country reach for a cup of coffee as soon as they get out of bed, requiring a boost of caffeine to start their day of work at home or at Hiner Outdoor Living. While coffee has numerous benefits (in addition to simply being delicious), there is no denying that developing a caffeine dependency is not great for you.

How to Start Your Day Without Caffeine

Caffeine Dependency

Do you feel sluggish, suffer from headaches, or find yourself in a negative or irritable mood when going without caffeine for an extended period of time? That could be a sign of caffeine dependency. Breaking free from this habit can be tough, but it is not impossible!

Keep reading to learn a few tips for starting your day without caffeine.

1. Switch to Decaf

Many daily coffee drinks report that consuming a cup of decaffeinated coffee in the morning or throughout the day made it easier to break the habit of consuming a daily cup of normal coffee, and at times even offered a placebo effect that made them feel more alert and less irritable throughout the day. If you feel unable to start your day without your morning cup of joe, try switching to decaf.

2. Drink More Water

Drink More Water

While this might not sound like an equally beneficial alternative to coffee for many people, research shows that consuming roughly 32 oz of water in the morning (and continuing to drink a considerable amount of water throughout the day) can lead to increased feelings of alertness and a boost in energy, allowing you to get your day off to a positive and energetic start without needing to reach for any caffeine. Try placing a large glass of water or a full water bottle next to your bed to drink as soon as you wake up for the best results.

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3. Don’t Keep Coffee At Home

If you do not have access to coffee in your home, you will simply be unable to drink it first thing in the morning, making it easy (and necessary) for you to quit caffeine cold turkey. If you find yourself struggling to decrease your coffee consumption no matter what methods you try, this could be a good option for you. Simply avoid purchasing coffee (and other caffeinated beverages) when grocery shopping, and you will have no choice but to stop drinking it at home.


Excess of anything can turn out to be bad for you and yes, that includes coffee. Never compromise on your freedom and always take control of your life. Next time you drink coffee, make sure it is because you want to not because you have to.

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