5 ways to make art look more expensive on a budget

5 ways to make art look more expensive on a budget

If done correctly, art can look expensive and thoughtful, no matter how inexpensive. If done poorly, however, it can look cheap and tacky. Here are five of the best ways to make art look more expensive on a budget.

1. Combine expensive and inexpensive artwork

Nothing devalues really expensive art more than displaying it everywhere. By displaying inexpensive artwork into a room alongside some more expensive art, you’ll ensure that the room looks well designed and put together without running the risk of making it appear like a show house or a museum.

Ideally, you want your home to appear stylish and tasteful, yet lived in. By combining expensive and inexpensive artwork you can achieve the perfect balance.

2. Consider artworks of different dimensions

By not limiting yourself to purely two dimensional pieces of art you’ll find that a lot of new possibilities open up to you. Art is all about displaying things that make you happy as an individual, so whether it’s a potted plant sculpture mounted in a lucite box or a Caravaggio framed centre stage, don’t be afraid to get creative. As the saying goes, one man’s desk accessory is another man’s wall art.

3. Be open to different scales and positions

Artist Nina Carbone advises to consider the less obvious when it comes to placement. Inexpensive pieces of art usually add a sense of accessibility to a space and make it more homely than it may have been previously. Coming up with different and creative ways to use otherwise forgotten items as art in your home will allow you to show off your creative side in a new and fun way.

4. Think about the backdrop

Instead of focusing on the art exclusively, think about the backdrop and what you can do to turn a simple piece into something more elegant. If you’re going for a gallery-like look, you might opt for a saturated shade of paint that complements the tones in the art work.

If this isn’t your style, a clean lined back or white frame works well because it doesn’t compete with whatever colours you already have on your wall – hence the sophisticated look it gives.

5. Give it a wrap

Covering a frame in temporary wallpaper adds a spotlight to your art without changing its appearance forever. If you’re anything like me and too indecisive to choose a wallpaper, pick out one colour in the artwork and choose a design that includes the same kind of shade.

Simply cut wallpaper strips that are wide enough to cover the front and side of the frame, cutting the corners to a 45-degree angle, line the paper up and then press it down onto the art. If you have some print finishing equipment, you could use this to trim any excess paper, for example. There you have it, 5 ways to make art look more expensive on a budget. Even if you don’t have the capital to splash out on expensive artwork, you can still give off the same effect without breaking the bank. With these tips and tricks, some creativity, and some patience, you are sure to transform your art into something that is fit for a queen. 

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