Digital Marketing Channels: Here Are the Channels That Have the Highest ROI

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Digital Marketing Channels: Here Are the Channels That Have the Highest ROI

Digital marketing has a benefit over traditional marketing in that it allows businesses to reach consumers and prospects who are outside their geographical location. Another benefit of digital marketing channels is that you can easily measure the marketing ROI.

Understanding Digital Marketing Channels

As a marketer or business owner, investing in digital channels that have a high ROI will give you great value for your money. This article highlights four digital marketing channels that have a high ROI.

SEO: Key Digital Marketing

SEO is one aspect that every business should start working on immediately after launching a website. It is an effective digital marketing channel because many people use search engines every day when looking for information, products, and services. SEO takes time but once your pages rank on search engines, you will enjoy a good flow of organic traffic. And with organic traffic, you can make money as you sleep.

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However, the work doesn’t stop when your pages start ranking. Remember other websites are at work too and thus if your SEO is not continual, you will be displaced by your competitors. SEO entails many things including link building, keywords, title tags, page design, internal links, image optimization, content, and local listings among many others.

Paid Search

Unlike SEO, with paid search, you don’t have to wait to start reaping the benefits. However, paid search will not give you long term organic traffic. You only get traffic that you have paid for. The most common paid search channels businesses use are Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Paid search can be used to generate traffic for new websites or to boost traffic for existing ones. High ROI with paid search can be attributed to the fact you get traffic that is highly targeted. You get to choose the keywords you want to target and this helps in attracting the right kind of traffic.

Email Marketing

Email is another digital marketing channel that has a great ROI. Most internet users have emails that they use for work, school, and communication. Thus it is easy for companies to build email lists for marketing. Additionally, email marketing services make the process of list building, segregation and automation easier and more effective. This comprehensive comparison article on the SendinBlue blog highlights some of the most common marketing service solutions available for businesses today.

Social Media Marketing

In 2019, there are more than two billion social media users making social media another digital channel with a great ROI. Business can make use of social media to keep in touch with existing customers and share new content for retargeting, to attract prospects, and for product launches.

While all these digital marketing channels have proven to have a great ROI, how well they work for you all depends on your strategies. For instance, email marketing will not work well for you if you don’t take time to segment your subscribers and craft emails based on individual interests. Thus, take time to learn the best practices for each. If you are using a channel and not getting returns, change or improve your strategies.

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