Should we get the choice to opt out of addressable media advertising?

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Should we get the choice to opt out of addressable media advertising?

When you create an advertising campaign, it is usually to bring awareness to a product you are selling. In some cases, it may also be to draw attention to a brand and the latest updates they have to offer their audience. Traditional TV advertising allowed marketers the opportunity to show off their products to a wider demographic, but nowadays we can take this a step further through addressable media advertising. Many people may feel worried that this type of advertising could be a step too far, and thus desire the choice to opt out of addressable media advertising, if they can. Let’s find out why below.

What is addressable media advertising?

Addressable media advertisements are designed to be played at specific times of the day next to certain programmes. That means that if different households are watching the same programme, it could be likely that they will see different advertisements. Ultimately, you use data, timing and consumer information to target the right demographic. This will allow you to grow the number of customers who potentially interact with your brand. You can also use their data to ensure that you are promoting the right brand to the right customer.

Data-specific advertising

One of the best things about addressable media advertising is that it can be used to focus on specific customers and their interests. Therefore, it’s more likely that you will make sales because you will have viewers that are genuinely interested in your product. Due to the fact that you can advertise at different times, it means that it’s more likely that you will appeal to the right customers. The more relevant your advertisements are to the customer, the more likely it is that you will sell extra products. Tailoring your advertisement to the customer is truly the best way to make additional sales.

Why are people nervous about addressable media advertising?

Due to the fact that addressable media uses data in order to find the right clients, it’s understandable that people may feel a little nervous about it. Traditional advertising does not really have a schedule or pattern to its advertisements. So, having them made to target specific viewers can feel a little invasive. Many clients may feel that their data should remain private to them. Therefore, addressable media advertising takes target demographic research too far. That’s why you may find that addressable media may upset viewers because it is targeted specifically at them. Try to respect their privacy and avoid spamming them with your advertisement on a regular basis.

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Should we be able to opt out of addressable media advertising?

It’s natural to feel a little intimidated by the prospect of addressable media advertising. After all, it can feel a little invasive to have your data used to find the perfect advertisement for you. In the future, it may be possible to ask for addressable media to be retracted from your TV set. Until then, you may want to look a little more positively at the advertisements. You will be able to find products to suit you, allowing ads to be more tailored to suit your needs, which is only a good thing in an ad-saturated world.

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