Why Startups Need Constant Networking?

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Why Startups Need Constant Networking?

Networking events can sometimes be a hit or miss. It takes time to develop a sense of what your company can plug into and what they can pit out of because they don’t align with company objectives. What makes networking a must for all startups is the convenience of having access to many industry players in one room.

Need of Constant Networking

On a typical day, booking a meeting with any of them would be difficult or near impossible. Once you do get it right, here’s what you stand to benefit.

Growing a useful contact list

Networking events accord you the opportunity to have a short conversation with someone before establishing if they are the right fit. As you continue to network and develop awareness from notable persons to approach, you end up fine turning a list of contacts that you can potentially work or partner with. This approach is better in person than emails or on other social platforms. The feedback is instant, and you’re able to start of the process of a mutually beneficial future even before your first official office meeting.

Attract potential investors

A known investor receives hundreds or even thousands of emails from persons and companies looking for funding. Meeting one face to face get one foot in the door as they can ask questions they otherwise wouldn’t be able to when trying to establish if someone is the right fit. Meeting them in person fosters a sense of trust as you’re able to communicate openly. However, don’t be surprised if they don’t turn out who you thought they were. Keeping an open mind will get you funding in the most unlikely of sources.

Form a list of partners

You’re likely to meet several companies form a similar industry. It is in networking events you can find out what their priorities are to determine if you’re to move forward with them. If you want to compare insurance companies, for example, you can have a face to face conversation with several brokers before landing a deal that you wouldn’t otherwise get if you started out on email.

Another reason networking events are useful is that they are often tailored and theme specific and thus allows you to be with like-minded individuals in the same room. You’re likely to find a business that offers complementary products or services. It is through discussions you’re likely to establish that moving forward together is mutually beneficial.

Get potential customers

Your nature of company can earn you individual or corporate buyers. A networking event exposes you to brands that, once talking with you, can realize you’re a solution to an existing problem they have. It only takes meeting the right connection for your business to experiences exponential growth. You, however, need to develop patience and a habit of following up. Not everyone is always ready to purchase after meeting you and instead need more time to streamline things on their end.

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