Three Video Content Ideas For Your Business

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Three Video Content Ideas For Your Business

Vlogging has made YouTube stars, and with good reason. If your company is looking to venture into new content creation territory, then making videos is an experience to try. These can go up on your blog or social media channels including YouTube. It is not however as simple as it sounds, it does take a bit of strategic planning to generate content that will attract viewership. It is therefore not about posting videos and waiting for people to stop by. Your content needs to be of excellent quality in appearance and content for it to be a hit. You can try these ideas out.


Make-up gurus and those in the beauty industry have taken vlogging by storm. If you’re in that arena, you can have a Cosmetic Consultant New York holds in high regard (or from any state) to have a chat within your channel. You can ask the questions frequently asked and even to give insight into what it takes to get a brand out. Whatever your business or brand is about, get an industry authority to talk to your audience.

Alternatively, you can interview persons of interest that your audience would like to interact with. The trick is making the questions interesting and suitable for the goal you wish to attain by having the interview in the first place. The interview can be posted on both your and their social channels for added traction.

How-to videos

If there is a particular skill that you wish to each your audience, then a vlog is the best way to do it. Visual representation often sticks in one’s mind better. That means taking them through step-by-step and perhaps close-up shots of the task at hand. To better envision your idea, look up makeup artist and food channels that have it down to a science. The same thing goes for those giving life or professional advice.

Another form of how-to has a screen cast. That is where one projects what is on the computer screen in video form and takes through or teaches the audience a particular skill. This approach is typical for those teaching a technical skill such as Photoshop or when teaching language or particular subject.

Have a live session

For fresh ideas, ask your audience what they want to see more off. You can create a pole and tackle the topics that come up. As per the nature of your business, that could mean being in front of a camera and having a conversation, albeit one way, with your audience. Consider holding live video and later posting it on your socials. That way it is interactive,and you’ll be able to answer questions in real time.

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